Defending Professionalism : a resource for librarians, information specialists, knowledge managers, and archivists

TitleDefending Professionalism : a resource for librarians, information specialists, knowledge managers, and archivists
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsCrowley, WA
Pagination1 online resource (xiii, 235 p.)
PublisherLibraries Unlimited, an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC
Place PublishedSanta Barbara, California
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number9781598848700 (electronic bk.)
Accession Number6963978
KeywordsLibrary and Information Science , professional responsibility
AbstractThere is no longer any way to deny or to escape the responsibility of marketing services and being an advocate for one's profession. Practitioners also need effective arguments and approaches for combating library and information deprofessionalization. This book offers the antidote for ineptitude in the fight to preserve professionalism in all major library and information environments. Composed of 14 chapters written by contemporary practitioners and practitioners-turned-theorists, Defending Professionalism: A Resource for Librarians, Information Specialists, Knowledge Managers, and ArchivistS‚Č™/i> clearly justifies the employment of the professional librarian, information specialist, knowledge manager, and archivist. The contributors offer both short-term and long-term political, cultural, and other approaches for the ongoing effort to retain and expand professionalism. The book provides managers, funding authorities, educators, and practitioners with practical, political, and theoretical reasons why it is in their self-interest to employ professionally educated personnel for positions within libraries, information or knowledge management centers, and archives.
NotesBill Crowley, editor.ill.Includes bibliographical references and index.Why Are We Trashing the Professionalism of Librarians, Information Specialists, Knowledge Managers, and Archivists? / Bill Crowley -- Justifying Professional Education in a Self-Service World / Rachel Rubin and Richard Rubin -- Youth Services in Public Libraries : A Return to Belligerence / Janice M. Del Negro -- We Build Communities through Knowledge : Demonstrating the Value of the Professional Public Librarian / Brenda Roberts -- Strategies and Aspirations for Defending School Library Professionalism / Don Hamerly -- Future-Proofing the Academic Librarian / Lenora Berendt and Maria Otero-Boisvert -- Understanding the Worth of the Professional Librarian in the Research University or Institution / Cleo Pappas -- Valuing the Return on Investment of the Information Professional in Specialized Institutions (Corporations, Government Agencies, NGOs, etc.) / Michael Koenig -- Defending the "Professional" Archivist / Cecilia Salvatore -- A Culturally Pragmatic and Feminist Influenced Approach to Defending Professionalism / Bill Crowley -- The LIS Professional Commons and the Online Networked Practitioner / Kyle M.L. Jones and Michael Stephens -- The "Political Case" for Supporting the Value of Professionalism / Bill Crowley -- An Obstacle : The Difficulty of Convincing Others to Change Their Thinking and Behavior / Robert F. Moran Jr. -- Advancing Professionalism in Library, Information, Knowledge, and Archival Services in the "New Normal World" / Bill Crowley.*UIUC Online Collection Ebrary Online Resource Accessible anywhere on the UIUC campus or with UIUC NetID
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