Daniel Kahneman on Bias

TitleDaniel Kahneman on Bias
Publication TypePodcast
AuthorsKahenman, D, Warburton, N
PublisherSage Publications
Year of PublicationSubmitted
Date Published01/2013
Publication LanguageEngilish
AbstractThinking is hard, and most of the time we rely on simple psychological mechanisms that can lead us astray. In this episode of the Social Science Bites podcast, the Nobel-prizewinning psychologist Daniel Kahneman, author of Thinking, Fast and Slow, talks to Nigel Warburton about biases in our reasoning. Social Science Bites is made in association with SAGE. Transcripts of all episodes are available from www.socialsciencebites.com
KeywordsBias in Research , Mathematics , SCIENCE , SOCIAL sciences
OEC Unique Identifier18 min.
Series NameSocial Science Bites
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