CV Joints: A Case Study for Use in Engineering Ethics

TitleCV Joints: A Case Study for Use in Engineering Ethics
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsFotheringham, H, Howard, I
PublisherUniversity of Leeds, Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
KeywordsEmployer/Employee , Employer/Employee Relationships , ENGINEERING , Intellectual , Intellectual Property and Patents
AbstractYou are working for an engineering consulting firm, Hallmark, Co. and they have contracted you to work for PartCo Ltd, a large company that designs automotive parts. While at PartCo, you have come up with a very good idea for a new type of CV joint. You have worked on the idea during weekends, and believe it could revolutionize vehicle propulsion. Who controls the intellectual property of this idea if you decide to try and produce this part? You, Hallmark Co. or PartCo? The scenario examines issues around the intellectual property of an idea possibly inspired by working at a company. The session is aimed at students who have not studied ethics before. Suggested teaching time is a one hour session, with small group discussions.
OEC Unique IdentifierEngineering Ethics Case Studies
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