Confidential Information

TitleConfidential Information
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsRussell, B
Date Published10/2006
KeywordsAuthorship , Peer , Peer review , SCIENCE
AbstractWhile reviewing Dr. Levy's NIH grant, Dr. Powell found a key piece of data about a method that did not work in his lab. He had his graduate student try this new approach, and it worked. The two were then submitted a manuscript to the editor of a journal that was essentially describing the same project that Dr. Levy had submitted. By coincidence, the editor sent the manuscript to Dr. Levy to re view. Dr. Levy knew that Dr. Powell had reviewed his grant, and guessed that his technical breakthrough had been copied by Dr. Powell during the review process. What should Dr. Levy do?
NotesCase from the presentation "Research Integrity" by Professor Brenda Russell, Research Standards Office of UIC, during the October 2007 Post-Doc Institute hosted by the University of Illinois at Chicago's Women in Science & Engineering System Transformation (WISEST).
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