Community-Based Environmental Health Methods for Research Intervention and Evaluation

TitleCommunity-Based Environmental Health Methods for Research Intervention and Evaluation
Publication TypeSyllabi
AuthorsBrugge, D
Corporate AuthorsTufts University,
PublisherBrown University
Year of Publication2002
Publication LanguageEnglish
AbstractThere is growing interest in community-based research and in particular in forming partnerships with the communities affected by public health studies. More and more, these studies also engage the community in a participatory fashion in the actual research. This course will explore the various methods that are used in such studies, the benefits and challenges to such an approach and the possibility that new ethical considerations arise in such circumstances. Particular emphasis will be place on the relationship of service, education and research, the use of focus groups, interviews and surveys and the relationship to conventional research methods. The course will include case examples and guest speakers from communities engaged in collaborative studies. The syllabus includes learning objectives and a list of readings for each class.
KeywordsCommunity Research , MEDICINE , PUBLIC health , public safety , responsible conduct of research
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