Collective and corporate responsibility

TitleCollective and corporate responsibility
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1984
AuthorsFrench, PA
Paginationxiv, 215 p.
PublisherColumbia University Press
Place PublishedNew York
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number0231058373 (pbk. alk. pa
Accession Number3313161
Call NumberMain or Science/Business
Keywordsaspects.; , business , business.; , Corporations , CORRUPT , CRIMINAL , ethics.; , industries , juristic , liability , of , persons. , practices.; , RESPONSIBILITY , SOCIAL
AbstractThe author develops, defends, and applies a metaphysical theory of corporate person hood and draws distinctions between collective and corporate responsibility. French also provides a concept of the moral states of corporations that has profound, ethical, social and legal consequences, and argues that instead of relying on traditional moral theories to evaluate corporate managers, those principles should be applied to the corporations themselves, as a full-fledged person.
Notes84003226Peter A. French.24 cm.Bibliography: p. [203]-211.Includes index.
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