Codes of Ethics, Biomechanics, and Conflict of Interest

TitleCodes of Ethics, Biomechanics, and Conflict of Interest
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsDavis, M
Conference NameFirst World Congress of Biomechanics
Date Published08/1990
PublisherCenter for the Study of Ethics in the Professions, Illinois Institute of Technology
Place PublishedLa Jolla, California
KeywordsBiomedical , biomedical engineering , Conflict , Conflict of Interest , ENGINEERING , professional , professional codes of ethics
AbstractBiomechanical engineers working in a hospital (or other medical enterprise) are certainly engineers. However, when working in a hospital setting, a biomechanical engineer might be the only engineer around. In this kinds of setting, there can be a potential for conflict, especially because in engineering ethics the welfare of the public comes first. In medical ethics, the welfare of the patient, not the public, comes first. The author discusses how professional codes can help solve some of these issues, and how codes of ethics work in a similar way to other engineering standards. Davis discusses a case study involving a conflict of interest and looks at how a code of ethics can help solve the questions in this case.
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