Codes of conduct in academia

TitleCodes of conduct in academia
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsBraxton, JM, Bray, NJ
Series TitleNew directions for higher education,
Issueno 160
Paginationiv, 104 p.
Place PublishedSan Francisco, Calif.
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number0271-0560 ;
Accession Number7064158
Call NumberSocial Sciences, Health, and Education 378 N422 no.160 Analyzed
KeywordsAcademic Ethics , education
AbstractChapters of this issue of New Directions for Higher Education present tenets of codes of conduct for the presidency, academic deans, admissions officers, fund-raising professionals, faculty who teach undergraduate students, and faculty who teach graduate students. The need for such codes of conduct stems from the client-serving role of colleges and universities. Such clients include prospective donors, prospective students and their families, the individual college or university, faculty members, undergraduate and graduate students, and the knowledge base of the various academic disciplines. Because presidents, academic deans, admissions officers, fund-raising professionals, and faculty members experience role ambiguity and substantial autonomy in the performance of their roles, codes of conduct are needed to protect the welfare of the clients served. The authors offer recommendations for policy and practice regarding the proposed codes of conduct. Organizational constraints and possibilities of enacting such codes are also discussed.
NotesJohn M. Braxton, Nathaniel J. Bray, editors.23 cm.Includes bibliographical references and index.Introduction : The importance of codes of conduct for academia / John M. Braxton, Nathaniel J. Bray -- Toward a code of conduct for the presidency / J. Christopher Fleming -- Follow the code : rules or guidelines for academic deans' behavior? / Nathaniel J. Bray -- A normative code of conduct for admissions officers / Robert L. Hodum -- College and university codes of conduct for fund-raising professionals / Timothy C. Caboni -- Toward a code of conduct for graduate education / Eve Proper -- The existence of codes of conduct for undergraduate teaching in teaching-oriented four-year colleges and universities / Dawn Lyken-Segosebe, Yunkyung Min, John M. Braxton -- Organizational constraints and possibilities regarding codes of conduct / Nathaniel J. Bray, Danielle K. Molina, Bart A. Swecker -- Reflections on codes of conduct : asymmetrics, vulnerabilities, and institutional controls / Nathaniel J. Bray, John M. Braxton.New directions for higher education ; no. 160.
Short TitleCodes of conduct in academia
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