Climate Change

TitleClimate Change
Publication TypePodcast
AuthorsGarvey, J, Edmonds, D, Warburton, N
Corporate AuthorsOpen University,
PublisherOpen University
Year of Publication2008
Date Published01/2008
Publication LanguageEnglish
AbstractNot so long ago there was almost no philosophy on what is today’s most urgent political issue – global warming. Now there’s a burgeoning philosophical literature in the area. Climate change raises a range of moral questions. Who’s responsible for the situation we’re now in? How should we live, to avoid making things even worse? And what obligations, if any, do we have to future generations? James Garvey works at the Royal Institute of Philosophy and is author of a book on the ethics of climate change.
KeywordsENVIRONMENTAL engineering , ENVIRONMENTAL ethics , ENVIRONMENTAL policy , Environmental Sciences , Public Policy
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