Cheat Sheet

TitleCheat Sheet
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsTeeny, J
Corporate AuthorsMarkkula Center for Applied Ethics, Santa Clara University,
Date Published06/2012
PublisherMarkkula Center for Applied Ethics, Santa Clara University
KeywordsAcademic Ethics , education
AbstractShelby has been studying for the past weeks for her final and feels like she has done a lot of work to prepare for this exam. On test day, she sees a friend of hers has a cheat sheet at the top of her backpack. Ordinarily, Shelby would not say anything, but the professor for this class has already announced that he will be grading the exam on a strict curve. Even if everyone does well on the test,, the professor will divide up the grades to make sure there's a limited number of A's and B's. Should Shelby report what she has seen to the teacher?
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