Case Study in Engineering Ethics: 'Doing the Minimum'

TitleCase Study in Engineering Ethics: 'Doing the Minimum'
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsPritchard, MS
JournalScience and Engineering Ethics
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number1353-3452
AbstractA engineer has begun his new position as supervisor of several acid and caustic distribution systems. He notices some problems with the safety system of one of the caustic tanks and when he asks his colleague about it, his colleague responds that he has never seen the need or been told to worry about the lack of safety documentation or precautions for this tank. When a problem does later, he needs to decide if he should tell his supervisor about his earlier knowledge of the problem, and report a worker who left the valve on the tank open accidentally. Includes expert commentary.
NotesCover Date: April 2001.Source Info: 7(2), 284-285. Language: English. Journal Announcement: 35-3. Subject: CASE STUDY; CODE OF ETHICS; ENGINEERING ETHICS; ETHICS. Update Code: 20090226.
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