Case studies in organizational communication : ethical perspectives and practices

TitleCase studies in organizational communication : ethical perspectives and practices
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsMay, S
Pagination402 p.
PublisherSage Publications
Place PublishedThousand Oaks, CA
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number9780761929833
Accession Number61513027
Keywordsbusiness , Case Study Method , Collaboration , Communicatief , COMMUNICATION , Études , Kommunikation. , Organisaties. , SOCIOLOGY , Unternehmen. , Unternehmensethik.
AbstractThis book presents a well-organized collection of business and organizational ethics cases that help readers appreciate the complexity of organizations and ethical situations.
Notesill. ; 23 cm.Ethical challenges and dilemmas in organizations : a case study approach ; Ethical perspectives and practices / Steve May -- Alignment. Case study 1 : The ethics of the "family friendly" organization : challenges and tensions related to multiple life perspectives / Caryn E. Medved and David R. Novak ; Case study 2: The Wal-Mart way : community service or sneaky exploitation? / Edward C. Brewer ; Case study 3 : Working at home and playing at work : using ICTs to break down the barriers between home and work / Alf Steinar Sætre and Jan-Oddvar Sørnes ; Case study 4: The Bush Team's moral ethos : an ethical critique of the Iraq War / Mohammad A. Auwal -- Dialogic communication. Case study 5 : The National College Registration Board : a case study in organizational legitimacy / Rebecca Meisenbach ; Case study 6 : The Sulzer hip replacement recall crisis : a patient's perspective / Keri K. Stephens, Scott C. D'Urso, and Penny Holmes ; Case study 7 : The circle of truth : an examination of values, truth-telling, and alignment at Mount Carmel Health / Bethany Crandell Goodier -- Participation. Case study 8 : Ethical storm or model workplace? / Joann Keyton ... [et al.] ; Case study 9 : Keeping it real : race, difference, and corporate ethics at Coca-Cola / Patricia S. Parker ; Case study 10 : Is agriculture spinning out of control? A case study of Buckeye Egg Farm : environmental communication, news frames, and social protest / Jeanette Wenig Drake -- Transparency. Case study 11 : "Moral" leadership in the Catholic Church : loss of credibility and organizational support amidst charges of sexual abuse / Elise J. Dallimore ; Case study 12 : Whose ethics? Whose leadership? Revenue sports and university integrity / John Llewellyn ; Case study 13 : Tricking your customers without cheating them : minimal details as an information strategy / Alf Steinar Sætre and Keri K. Stephens ; Case study 14 : Corporate ethics in the pharmaceutical industry : the Lipobay/Baycol case of Bayer / Nicola Berg and Martin K. Welge -- Accountability. Case study 15 : Should we stop using the letter C? Three key players respond to the February 1, 2003 Columbia Shuttle events / Michelle T. Violanti ; Case study 16 : Blaming the dead : the ethics of accident investigation in wildland firefighting / Jennifer Thackaberry ; Case study 17 : Why companies tell lies in business : a Japanese case in the food industry / Toru Kiyomiya, Kaori Matake, and Masaki Matsunaga -- Courage. Case study 18 : "Call 'em like we see 'em" : responding to unfair and unethical charges / Joy L. Hart, Stuart L. Esrock, and Greg B. Leichty ; Case study 19 : Nothing fishy going on here : the ethics of openness, culture, and strategies / Jan-Oddvar Sørnes and Larry Davis Browning ; Case study 20 : Showdown at University Baptist Church / Brian K. Richardson, Heather M. Osterman, and Lori A. Byers ; Case study 21 : Purifying an image : Baxter International and the dialyzer crisis / Julie A. Davis -- Afterword : Casework and communication about ethics : toward a broader perspective on our lives, our careers, our happiness, and our common future / George Cheney.Publisher description biographical information bibliographical references and index.Other format available: Online version:; Case studies in organizational communication.; Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications, c2006edited by Steve May. More Records: Show record informationInternet resource (url)Book; Internet Resource
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