Case studies in ethics and HIV research

TitleCase studies in ethics and HIV research
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsLoue, S, Pike, EC
Pagination343 p.
Place PublishedNew York
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Keywordsacquired , BIOETHICS , Biomedical , HIV , MEDICINE
AbstractThis book presents a series of reflective topics and case studies surrounding HIV research and treatment. The authors explore issues of international research, the search for an HIV vaccine and ethical issues on how this research is conducted, as well as the obligations of researchers to individual research participants and their communities during the course of and following the conclusion of the research project.
Notes25 cm.Part I. Foundations -- 1. Human rights, international guidelines and HIV research -- 2. U.S. regulations and HIV-related research -- 3. The informed consent process -- 4. Working with boards and committees: ECs, DSMBs, CABs -- 5. Researcher-participant relations -- 6. Researcher-community relations -- Part II. Ethics and Methodology -- 7. Recruiting for HIV-related research -- Case study one: ethical issues in Internet-based HIV primary prevention research / B.R. Simon Rosser, Ph. D., M.P.H. and Keith Horvath, Ph. D. -- 8. Clinical trials -- Case study two: clinical trials and international ethics: preventing tuberculosis in Africa / C.C. Whales, M.D., M.S. -- 9. Observational studies -- Case study three: challenges and strategies for personal safety in fieldwork / Nancy Méndez and Ingrid Vargas -- 10. Behavioral intervention studies -- Case study four: protecting the rights of human subjects who participate in HIV/AIDS research: balancing the ethics of Beneficence and Justice / Cheryl Gore-Felton, Ph. D. & Michael DiMarco, Psy. D. -- 11. Ethical issues in multicenter/multisite studies -- Case study five: managing multi-site collaborative research with community-based agencies / David Lounbury, Ph. D., Paulette Murphy, Psy. D., Janice Robinson, and Bruce Rapkin, Ph. D. -- Part III. Populations -- 12. HIV research with children -- Case study six: informed consent and assent with juvenile detainees / Andrea Boyd, Geri Donenberg, Ph. D., and Kristi Jordan, Ph. D. -- 13. HIV-related research with cognitively impaired persons -- Case study seven: balancing risks and benefits in research with severely mentally ill participants / Sana Loue, J.D., Ph. D., M.P.H., Martha Sajatovic, M.D. Nancy Méndez, and Ingrid Vargas -- 14. Studies with minority populations -- Case study eight: ethical issues: a case study involving a research study logo and African American families / Kristi Y. Jordan, Ph. D., Gerie R. Donenberg, Ph. D., and Andrea Boyd, Ph. D. -- 15. Research in international settings -- Case study nine: ethical challenges in a multi-site international HIV prevention study with serodiscordant couples / Patricia Marshall, Ph. D., Janet W. McGrath, Ph. D., Moses Kamya, MbChb, Andrew Fullem, M.P.H., and David D. Celentano, Sc. D. -- 16. Activity-defined populations -- Case study ten: research relating to injection drug users / Linda S. Lloyd, Dr. P.H. -- Part IV. Looking Towards the Future -- 17. Training the next generation of researchers -- Case study eleven: ethical issues in training the next generation of researchers / Oscar Grusky, Ph. D. -- 18. Training community -- Case study twelve: San Diego HIV/AIDS needs assessment / Daniel J. O'Shea.Contributor biographical information description bibliographical references and index.National bibliography no: GBA758674Sana Loue, Earl C. Pike. More Records: Show record informationInternet resource (url)Book; Internet Resource
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