Business Ethics

TitleBusiness Ethics
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AuthorsOliver, A, Edmonds, D, Warburton, N
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PublisherOpen University
Year of Publication2008
Date Published01/2008
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Abstract“That’ll be a short discussion then”, somebody commented when told we were doing a podcast on business and ethics. In fact, there is a strange shortage of philosophical literature on business ethics. In contrast, there’s a library of books on medical ethics. One puzzle in business ethics is how we should view a business decision – should we blame a bad decision, say, on a particular individual, or set of individuals, or can sense be made, as the philosopher Philip Pettit suggests, of the responsibility being the organisation’s as a whole? And what are we to make of Corporate Social Responsibility – all the vogue now; do businesses really have an obligation – as opposed to a profit motive - to care about the environment, the communities in which they operate, and so on? Questions to which Alex Oliver should know the answers: he runs The Forum for Philosophy in Business at Cambridge University.
Keywordsbusiness , BUSINESS ethics
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