Bringing in the First Woman or Sunnyvale

TitleBringing in the First Woman or Sunnyvale
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsPritchard, MS
PublisherNational Academy of Engineering, Online Ethics Center
AbstractJim Grimaldi, projects manager in the Sunnyvale division of Universal Corporation, has just learned that in two weeks the headquarters in Los Angeles will be sending him a project engineer, Joan Dreer. Her job will be to supervise small groups of engineers involved in automotive brake design. The Los Angeles headquarters is anxious to move women into all company levels, and it has targeted Grimaldi's engineering division at Sunnyvale as a good place for Joan Dreer. Includes expert commentaries.
NotesCase study originally published in “Teaching Engineering Ethics: A Case Study Approach” by Michael Pritchard. Center for the Study of Ethics in Society, Western Michigan University, 1992.
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