Basic Research Concepts for New Research Staff

TitleBasic Research Concepts for New Research Staff
Publication TypeOnline Tutorial
AuthorsNebeker, C, Simon, G, Kalichman, M, Bracken, W
Secondary AuthorsNeelamegan, P
Corporate AuthorsSan Diego State University, Graduate and Research Affairs,, United States, Office of Public Health and Science, Office of Research Integrity
Year of Publication2006
Date Published01/2006
AbstractThis web based tutorial sees to provide basic information about research and how its conducted. It includes a tutorial about basic research concepts, working with human and animal research subjects, and biosafety training. Training is available in both Spanish and English.
KeywordsANIMAL , Animal Research Subjects , ENGINEERING , Human , Human Research Subjects , LABORATORY , Laboratory Safety , Responsible , responsible conduct of research , SCIENCE , SOCIAL , SOCIAL sciences
Citation Key8909
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