Association for Practical and Professional Ethics Keynote Address, March 2011

TitleAssociation for Practical and Professional Ethics Keynote Address, March 2011
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsSchrag, B
JournalTeaching Ethics: The Journal of the Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum
Date PublishedSpring 2012
ISSN Number21540551
AbstractIn this keynote address by Brian Schrag, the Executive Director of the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics (APPE), discusses the history of the organization since it began in 1991. Dr. Schrag discusses how APPE is both a cross-disciplinary and a cross professional organization that brings together a community of individuals seeking to learn from one another. He talks about the value of cross-professional dialogue and the aims of ethical societies in general, and the importance of collaborations between practitioners and ethicists. Dr. Schrag summarizes many of the accomplishments of APPE over the past twenty years, and ends by discussing some of the potential future goals for the association, including expanded collaboration between ethics centers worldwide, and to begin re-investigating the more complex levels of moral decision-making in the context of professional organizations and institutions.
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