Anti-Obesity Ads

TitleAnti-Obesity Ads
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsBoxall, SF, Funke, MB, Funke, RD, Myers, GA, Potthast, A
Corporate AuthorsAssociation for Practical and Professional Ethics,
Date Published09/2013
PublisherAssociation for Practical and Professional Ethics
KeywordsBIOETHICS , education , marketing , MEDIA ETHICS , PUBLIC , PUBLIC health , Public Policy
AbstractIn Georgia, 40% of children are obese, but as few as 25% of parents consider this a problem. In a move that has provoked some controversy, and pediatric hospital in Atlanta has decided to counteract parents' denial with an advertising campaign. Fashioned after shocking and often gruesome anti-methamphetamine campaigns, the Georgia ads show depressed-looking overweight kids with messages such as "It's hard to be a little girl if you're not," or "Fat prevention begins at home and the buffet line."
NotesCase from the 2013 Regional Ethics Bowl. Copyright, Association for Practical and Professional Ethics.
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