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Technology assessment : a historical approach, Cameron, Rondo Millard E. A. J. , CSEP module series in applied ethics;, Dubuque, Iowa, p.iii, 37 p., (1985) Abstract

23 cm.Bibliography: p. 34-37.Rondo Cameron and A.J. Millard. More Records: Show record informationBook

Ethics and robotics, Capurro, Rafael, and Nagenborg Michael , Amsterdam, p.xi, 123 p., (2009) Abstract

2010287201editors, Rafael Capurro and Michael Nagenborg.24 cm.Includes bibliographical references.

Ethics and robotics, Capurro, Rafael, and Nagenborg Michael , Amsterdam, p.xi, 123 p., (2009) Abstract

2010287201editors, Rafael Capurro and Michael Nagenborg.24 cm.Includes bibliographical references.

What animals want : expertise and advocacy in laboratory animal welfare policy, Carbone, Larry , New York, p.viii, 291 p., (2004) Abstract

2003058032Larry Carbone.ill. ; 25 cm.Includes bibliographical references (p. 265-284) and index.

Ethical consumption : social value and economic practice, Carrier, James G., and Luetchford Peter , New York, p.viii, 238 p., (2012) Abstract

20110392957114036edited by James G. Carrier and Peter G. Luetchford.24 cm.Includes bibliographical references and index.Good chocolate? An examination of ethical consumption in cocoa / Amanda Berlan -- Consuming producers : fair trade and small farmers / Peter G. Luetchford -- 'Trade, not aid' : imagining ethical economy / Lill Vramo -- 'Today, one can farm organic without living organic' : Belgian farmers and recent changes in organic farming / Audrey Vankeerberghen -- Narratives of concern : beyond the 'official' discourse of ethical consumption in Hungary / Tam

Engineering, poverty, and the earth, Catalano, George D. , Synthesis lectures on engineers, technology, and society, Issue #4, San Rafael, Calif., p.x, 73 p., (2007) Abstract

ill., maps ; 24 cm.Includes bibliographical references (p. 69-72).George D. Catalano. More Records: Show record informationBook

Engineering ethics: Peace, justice, and the earth, Catalano, George D. , Synthesis Lectures on Engineers, Technology, and Society, Volume 1, Issue Compendex, p.80 p., (2006) Abstract

Compilation and indexing terms, Copyright 2009 Elsevier Inc.20064710259856Engineering designEngineering ethicsHistorical perspective

Engineering ethics : peace, justice, and the earth, Catalano, George D. , Synthesis lectures on engineering, technology, and society, [San Rafael, Calif.], p.ix, 69 p., (2006) Abstract

ill. ; 24 cm.Introduction -- Engineering ethics -- Models of the Earth -- Engineering in a morally deep world -- Engineering design in a morally deep world -- Implications for engineering education -- Final thoughts.Includes bibliographical references (p. 63-67)./ Also issued online.George D. Catalano. More Records: Show record informationBook

The impact of the Internet on our moral lives, Cavalier, Robert J. , Albany, p.viii, 249 p., (2005) Abstract

23 cm.Norbert Wiener's vision : the impact of the "automatic age" on our moral lives / Terrell Ward Bynum -- Beyond copyright : a moral investigation of intellectual property protection in cyberspace / Richard A. Spinello -- Virtual virtues : reflections on academic integrity in the age of the Internet / Lawrence M. Hinman -- Enter here - at your own risk : the moral dangers of cyberporn / Susan Dwyer -- Trust in cyberspace / John Weckert -- Should we let computers get under our skin? / James H. Moor -- Hackers and the contested ontology of cyberspace / Helen Nissenbaum -- Moral imperatives for life in an intercultural global village / Charles Ess -- Internet ethics : the constructionist values of Homo poieticus / Luciano Floridi, J.W. Sanders -- The impact of the Internet on our moral condition? Do we need a new framework of ethics? / Herman T. Tavani.Includes bibliographical references and index.Robert J. Cavalier. More Records: Show record informationBook

The handbook of communication ethics, Cheney, George, Debashish Munshi, and May Steve , International Communication Association (ICA) handbook series; Variation: ICA handbook series., (2011) Abstract

ill. ; 27 cm.Foreword /; Robert T. Craig --; Preface --; Author biographies --; Encountering communication ethics in the contemporary world : principles, people, and contexts /; George Cheney ... [et al.] --; A contribution to ethical theory and praxis /; John Stewart --; Ethics, rhetoric, and discourse /; Michael J. Hyde --; Situating a dialogic ethics : a dialogic confession /; Ronald C. Arnett --; Feminist discursive ethics /; Patrice M. Buzzanell --; Power and ethics /; Dennis K. Mumby --; What are we, then? Postmodernism, globalization, and the meta-ethics of contemporary communication /; Bryan C. Taylor and Leonard C. Hawes --; Decolonizing communication ethics : a framework for communicating otherwise /; Debashish Munshi, Kirsten J. Broadfoot, and Linda Tuhiwai Smith --; Interpersonal communication ethics /; Sally Planalp and Julie Fitness --; Ethical challenges in small group communication /; John Gastil and Leah Sprain --; Communication ethics and organizational contexts : divergent values and moral puzzles /; Matthew W. Seeger and Timothy Kuhn --; Journalism ethics in theory and practice /; Clifford G. Christians --; Ethical dimensions of new technology/media /; Charles Ess --; Public relations and marketing : ethical issues and professional practice in society /; Jacquie L'Etang --; Visual communication in traditional and digital contexts /; Sean Cubitt and Violeta Politoff --; The search for social justice and the presumption of innocence in the Duke University (USA) lacrosse case of 2006-2007 : implications for contemporary legal and ethical communication /; Glen Feighery, Marouf Hasian, Jr., and Richard Rieke --; Political communication ethics : postmodern opportunities and challenges /; Steven R. Goldzwig and Patricia A. Sullivan --; Ethics in health communication /; Nurit Guttman and Teresa L. Thompson --; Science, democracy, and the prospect for deliberation /; Keith R. Benson and John Angus Campbell --; Intercultural communication ethics : multiple layered issues /; Stella Ting-Toomey --; Diversity, identity, and multiculturalism in the media : the case of Muslims in the British press /; Nasar Meer and Tariq Modood --; Hierarchies of equality : positive peace in a democratic idiom /; Robert L. Ivie --; Democracy, publicness, and global governance /; Slavko Splichal --; Religion, state, and secularism : how should states deal with deep religious diversity? /; Rajeev Bhargava --; Truth, evils, justice, and the event of wild(er)ness : using Badiou to think the ethics of environmentalism /; Kevin Michael DeLuca --; Economic justice and communication ethics : considering multiple points of intersection /; Zachary A. Schaefer ... [et al.] --; The polyphony of corporate social responsibility : deconstructing accountability and transparency in the context of identity and hypocrisy /; Lars Thøger Christensen, Mette Morsing, and Ole Thyssen --; When unreason masquerades as reason : can law regulate trade and networked communication ethically? /; Radha D'Souza --; Response and conclusion : a vision of applied ethics for communication studies /; Josina M. Maku.Includes bibliographical references and index.edited by George Cheney, Steve May, Debashish Munshi. More Records: Show record informationInternet resource (url)Book; Internet Resource

Education for sustainability : becoming naturally smart, Clarke, Paul , Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, p.xvii, 137 p., (2012) Abstract

20110293446977419Paul Clarke.22 cm.Includes bibliographical references and index.Exploration one: rethinking our relationship with the environment -- Exploration two: is education fit for purpose if the purpose is sustainable living? -- Exploration three: how can community help schools to live with uncertainty? -- Exploration four: open source living: when sustainability the way of life -- Exploration five: can we create schools of sustainability? -- Exploration six: the urban fix: sustainable cities, sustainable minds -- Exploration seven: our great work -- education for sustainability.

Journalism ethics : a reference handbook, Cohen, Elliot D., and Elliott Deni , Contemporary ethical issues series; Variation: Contemporary ethical issues., Santa Barbara, Calif., p.viii, 196 p., (1997) Abstract

24 cm.Introduction -- Chronology -- Biographical sketches -- Issues in journalism ethics -- The shape of the news -- Objectivity and news bias -- The free press and democracy -- Morality and professionalism -- News sources and deception -- Court cases -- Codes of journalism ethics -- Selected print resources -- Selected nonprint resources -- Organizations -- Glossary.Includes bibliographical references and index.edited by Elliot D. Cohen and Deni Elliott. More Records: Show record informationBook

The animal rights debate, Cohen, Carl, and Regan Tom , Point/counterpoint;, Lanham, p.viii, 323 p., (2001) Abstract

24 cm.In defense of the use of animals / Carl Cohen -- 1. The moral problem of animal use -- 2. The factual setting of animal experimentation -- 3. Rights and interests -- 4. If animals had rights -- 5. Why animals do not have rights -- 6. Why animals are mistakenly believed to have rights -- 7. The moral inequality of species : why "speciesism" is right -- 8. Spurious scientific arguments against the use of animals -- 9. What good does animal experimentation do -- 10. The proven accomplishments of animal research -- The case for animal rights / Tom Regan -- 11. From indifference to advocacy -- 12. Animal exploitation -- 13. The nature and importance of rights -- 14. Indirect duty views -- 15. Direct duty views -- 16. Human rights -- 17. Animal rights -- Reply to Tom Regan / Carl Cohen -- Reply to Carl Cohen / Tom Regan.Includes bibliographical references and index.Carl Cohen and Tom Regan. More Records: Show record informationBook

Coding Freedom : The Ethics and Aesthetics of Hacking, Coleman, Gabriella E. , 12/2012, Princeton, p.272 p., (2013) Abstract

CL0500000186 Safari Books Online:E. Gabriella Coleman.Ethics and aesthetics of hackingill.Description based on print version record.Includes bibliographical references and index.eresour-nc Online Resource Accessible anywhere on campus or with UIUC NetID*UIUC Online Collection Online Resource Accessible anywhere on campus or with UIUC NetID

Collaboration in archaeological practice : engaging descendant communities, Colwell-Chanthaphonh, Chip, and Ferguson T. J. , Archaeology in society series; Variation: Archaeology in society series., (2008) Abstract

ill., map ; 24 cm.Introduction: the collaborative continuum / Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh and T.J. Ferguson -- Navigating the fluidity of social identity: collaborative research into cultural affiliation in the American southwest / Michael Adler and Susan Bruning -- Unusual or "extreme" beliefs about the past, community identity, and dealing with the fringe / Larry J. Zimmerman -- Things are not always what they seem: indigenous knowledge and pattern recognition in the archaeological interpretation of cultural landscapes / Norm Sheehan and Ian Lilley -- Not the end, not the middle, but the beginning: repatriation as a transformative mechanism for archaeologists and indigenous peoples / Dorothy Lippert -- Heritage ethics and descendant communities / Lynn Meskell and Lynette Sibongile Masuku Van Damme -- Collaboration means equality, respect, and reciprocity: a conversation about archaeology and the Hopi tribe / Leigh J. Kuwanwisiwma -- The ethics of collaboration: whose culture? whose intellectual property? who benefits? / Claire Smith and Gary Jackson -- New Africa: understanding the americanization of African descent groups through archaeology / Thomas W. Cuddy and Mark P. Leone -- "I wish for paradise": memory and class in Hampden, Baltimore / Paul A. Shackel and Favid A. Gadsby -- Entering the agora: archaeology, conservation, and indigenous peoples in the Amazon / Michael J. Heckenberger -- Collaborative encounters / George P. Nicholas, John R. Welch, and Eldon C. YellowhornIncludes bibliographical references and index.edited by Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh and T.J. Ferguson. More Records: Show record informationInternet resource (url)Book; Internet Resource Date of Entry: 20070521

Case studies in public health ethics, Coughlin, Steven S. , Washington, DC,, 139 p., (2009) Abstract

American Public Health Association.23 cm.Case analysis and moral reasoning -- Privacy and confidentiality protection -- Informed consent in public health research -- Randomized controlled trials -- Committee review and the institutional review board system -- Scientific misconduct in public health research -- Conflicting interests and research sponsorship -- Intellectual property and data sharing -- Publication and interpretation of research -- Communication responsibilities of public health professionals -- Public health practice -- Studies of vulnerable populations -- Cross-cultural research -- International health research -- Genetic research and testing -- AIDS prevention and treatment -- Allocation of scarce resources and health care reform.Includes bibliographical references and index.Steven S. Coughlin. More Records: Show record informationBook

Entrepreneurship, governance and ethics, Cressy, Robert, Cumming Douglas, Mallin Chris A., and service) SpringerLink(Online , Dordrecht, p.1 online resource (380 p.), (2012) Abstract

/ Robert Cressy, Douglas Cumming, Christine Mallin, editors."Previously published in the Journal of Business Ethics, Volume 95, Supplement 2, 2010."--T.p.Includes bibliographical references.*UIUC Online Collection Online Resource Accessible anywhere on campus or with UIUC NetID

Defending Professionalism : a resource for librarians, information specialists, knowledge managers, and archivists, Crowley, William A. , Santa Barbara, California, p.1 online resource (xiii, 235 p.), (2012) Abstract

Bill Crowley, editor.ill.Includes bibliographical references and index.Why Are We Trashing the Professionalism of Librarians, Information Specialists, Knowledge Managers, and Archivists? / Bill Crowley -- Justifying Professional Education in a Self-Service World / Rachel Rubin and Richard Rubin -- Youth Services in Public Libraries : A Return to Belligerence / Janice M. Del Negro -- We Build Communities through Knowledge : Demonstrating the Value of the Professional Public Librarian / Brenda Roberts -- Strategies and Aspirations for Defending School Library Professionalism / Don Hamerly -- Future-Proofing the Academic Librarian / Lenora Berendt and Maria Otero-Boisvert -- Understanding the Worth of the Professional Librarian in the Research University or Institution / Cleo Pappas -- Valuing the Return on Investment of the Information Professional in Specialized Institutions (Corporations, Government Agencies, NGOs, etc.) / Michael Koenig -- Defending the "Professional" Archivist / Cecilia Salvatore -- A Culturally Pragmatic and Feminist Influenced Approach to Defending Professionalism / Bill Crowley -- The LIS Professional Commons and the Online Networked Practitioner / Kyle M.L. Jones and Michael Stephens -- The "Political Case" for Supporting the Value of Professionalism / Bill Crowley -- An Obstacle : The Difficulty of Convincing Others to Change Their Thinking and Behavior / Robert F. Moran Jr. -- Advancing Professionalism in Library, Information, Knowledge, and Archival Services in the "New Normal World" / Bill Crowley.*UIUC Online Collection Ebrary Online Resource Accessible anywhere on the UIUC campus or with UIUC NetID

Professional responsibility for harmful actions, Curd, Martin May Larry , CSEP module series in applied ethics;, Dubuque, Iowa, p.30 p., (1984) Abstract

Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions (U.S.)23 cm.On cover: Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions, Illinois Institute of Technology./ Bibliography: p. 28-30.Martin Curd and Larry May. More Records: Show record informationBook

Discrimination and Privacy in the Information Society : data mining and profiling in large databases, Custers, Bart, Calders Toon, Schermer Bart, and Zarsky Tal , Studies in applied philosophy, epistemology and rational ethics,, Berlin ; New York, p.1 online resource., (2013) Abstract

Bart Custers...[et al.] (eds.).Includes indexes.Studies in applied philosophy, epistemology and rational ethics ; 3.*UIUC Online Collection Online Resource Accessible anywhere on campus or with UIUC NetID