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J. C. Callahan, Ethical issues in professional life. New York: Oxford University Press, 1988, p. xvii, 470 p.
87013275(OCoLC)ocm15793500GB89-716edited by Joan C. Callahan.25 cm.Bibliography: p. 468-470.
D. Callahan and Bok, S., Ethics teaching in higher education. New York: Plenum Press, 1980, p. 315 p.
80024002 (OCoLC)ocm06602806 (BENdb)16253 GB81-2410 edited by Daniel Callahan and Sissela Bok. 24 cm. Bibliography: p. 303-311. Includes index. Introduction / Daniel Callahan and Sissela Bok – The teaching of ethics in the American undergraduate curriculum, 1876-1976 / Douglas Sloan – Part I. General issues in the teaching of ethics – Goals in the teaching of ethics / Daniel Callahan – Problems in the teaching of ethics : pluralism and indoctrination / Ruth Macklin – What does moral psychology have to say to the teacher of ethics? / Thomas Kickona – Evaluation and the teaching of ethics / Arthur L. Caplan – Part II. The teaching of ethics in the undergraduate and professional school curriculum – The teaching of ethics in American higher education : an empirical synopsis / Hastings Center Staff – The teaching of undergraduate ethics / Bernard Rosen – The teaching of ethics in undergraduate nonethics courses / Susan Resneck Parr – Professional ethics : setting, terrain, and teacher / William F. May – Part III. Topics in the teaching of ethics – Paternalism in medicine, law, and public policy / Dennis F. Thompson – Whistleblowing and professional responsibilities / Sissela Bok – Part IV. Summary recommedations on the teaching of ethics – Hastings Centre Project on the teaching of ethics : summary recommendations. Hastings Center series in ethics.
R. M. E. A. J. Cameron, Technology assessment : a historical approach. Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall/Hunt Pub. Co., 1985, p. iii, 37 p.
23 cm.Bibliography: p. 34-37.Rondo Cameron and A.J. Millard. More Records: Show record informationBook
R. Capurro and Nagenborg, M., Ethics and robotics. Amsterdam: IOS Press, 2009, p. xi, 123 p.
2010287201editors, Rafael Capurro and Michael Nagenborg.24 cm.Includes bibliographical references.
R. Capurro and Nagenborg, M., Ethics and robotics. Amsterdam: IOS Press, 2009, p. xi, 123 p.
2010287201editors, Rafael Capurro and Michael Nagenborg.24 cm.Includes bibliographical references.
L. Carbone, What animals want : expertise and advocacy in laboratory animal welfare policy. New York: Oxford University Press, 2004, p. viii, 291 p.
2003058032Larry Carbone.ill. ; 25 cm.Includes bibliographical references (p. 265-284) and index.
D. B. Carlin and Denecke, D. D., Best practices in graduate education for the responsible conduct of research. Washington, D.C.: Council of Graduate Schools, 2008, p. 68 p.
J. G. Carrier and Luetchford, P., Ethical consumption : social value and economic practice. New York: Berghahn Books, 2012, p. viii, 238 p.
20110392957114036edited by James G. Carrier and Peter G. Luetchford.24 cm.Includes bibliographical references and index.Good chocolate? An examination of ethical consumption in cocoa / Amanda Berlan -- Consuming producers : fair trade and small farmers / Peter G. Luetchford -- 'Trade, not aid' : imagining ethical economy / Lill Vramo -- 'Today, one can farm organic without living organic' : Belgian farmers and recent changes in organic farming / Audrey Vankeerberghen -- Narratives of concern : beyond the 'official' discourse of ethical consumption in Hungary / Tam
G. D. Catalano, Engineering ethics: Peace, justice, and the earth, vol. 1, no. Compendex. Morgan & Claypool Publishers, 2006, p. 80 p.
Compilation and indexing terms, Copyright 2009 Elsevier Inc.20064710259856Engineering designEngineering ethicsHistorical perspective
G. D. Catalano, Engineering ethics : peace, justice, and the earth, 1stst ed. [San Rafael, Calif.]: Morgan & Claypool Publishers, 2006, p. ix, 69 p.
ill. ; 24 cm.Introduction -- Engineering ethics -- Models of the Earth -- Engineering in a morally deep world -- Engineering design in a morally deep world -- Implications for engineering education -- Final thoughts.Includes bibliographical references (p. 63-67)./ Also issued online.George D. Catalano. More Records: Show record informationBook
G. D. Catalano, Engineering, poverty, and the earth, 1stst ed., no. #4. San Rafael, Calif.: Morgan & Claypool, 2007, p. x, 73 p.
ill., maps ; 24 cm.Includes bibliographical references (p. 69-72).George D. Catalano. More Records: Show record informationBook
R. J. Cavalier, The impact of the Internet on our moral lives. Albany: State University of New York Press, 2005, p. viii, 249 p.
23 cm.Norbert Wiener's vision : the impact of the "automatic age" on our moral lives / Terrell Ward Bynum -- Beyond copyright : a moral investigation of intellectual property protection in cyberspace / Richard A. Spinello -- Virtual virtues : reflections on academic integrity in the age of the Internet / Lawrence M. Hinman -- Enter here - at your own risk : the moral dangers of cyberporn / Susan Dwyer -- Trust in cyberspace / John Weckert -- Should we let computers get under our skin? / James H. Moor -- Hackers and the contested ontology of cyberspace / Helen Nissenbaum -- Moral imperatives for life in an intercultural global village / Charles Ess -- Internet ethics : the constructionist values of Homo poieticus / Luciano Floridi, J.W. Sanders -- The impact of the Internet on our moral condition? Do we need a new framework of ethics? / Herman T. Tavani.Includes bibliographical references and index.Robert J. Cavalier. More Records: Show record informationBook
A. Chapdelaine, Service-Learning Code of Ethics . Bolton, M.A.: Ankr Publishing Co. , 2005, p. 217 p.
G. Cheney, Debashish, M., and May, S., The handbook of communication ethics. Routledge, 2011.
ill. ; 27 cm.Foreword /; Robert T. Craig --; Preface --; Author biographies --; Encountering communication ethics in the contemporary world : principles, people, and contexts /; George Cheney ... [et al.] --; A contribution to ethical theory and praxis /; John Stewart --; Ethics, rhetoric, and discourse /; Michael J. Hyde --; Situating a dialogic ethics : a dialogic confession /; Ronald C. Arnett --; Feminist discursive ethics /; Patrice M. Buzzanell --; Power and ethics /; Dennis K. Mumby --; What are we, then? Postmodernism, globalization, and the meta-ethics of contemporary communication /; Bryan C. Taylor and Leonard C. Hawes --; Decolonizing communication ethics : a framework for communicating otherwise /; Debashish Munshi, Kirsten J. Broadfoot, and Linda Tuhiwai Smith --; Interpersonal communication ethics /; Sally Planalp and Julie Fitness --; Ethical challenges in small group communication /; John Gastil and Leah Sprain --; Communication ethics and organizational contexts : divergent values and moral puzzles /; Matthew W. Seeger and Timothy Kuhn --; Journalism ethics in theory and practice /; Clifford G. Christians --; Ethical dimensions of new technology/media /; Charles Ess --; Public relations and marketing : ethical issues and professional practice in society /; Jacquie L'Etang --; Visual communication in traditional and digital contexts /; Sean Cubitt and Violeta Politoff --; The search for social justice and the presumption of innocence in the Duke University (USA) lacrosse case of 2006-2007 : implications for contemporary legal and ethical communication /; Glen Feighery, Marouf Hasian, Jr., and Richard Rieke --; Political communication ethics : postmodern opportunities and challenges /; Steven R. Goldzwig and Patricia A. Sullivan --; Ethics in health communication /; Nurit Guttman and Teresa L. Thompson --; Science, democracy, and the prospect for deliberation /; Keith R. Benson and John Angus Campbell --; Intercultural communication ethics : multiple layered issues /; Stella Ting-Toomey --; Diversity, identity, and multiculturalism in the media : the case of Muslims in the British press /; Nasar Meer and Tariq Modood --; Hierarchies of equality : positive peace in a democratic idiom /; Robert L. Ivie --; Democracy, publicness, and global governance /; Slavko Splichal --; Religion, state, and secularism : how should states deal with deep religious diversity? /; Rajeev Bhargava --; Truth, evils, justice, and the event of wild(er)ness : using Badiou to think the ethics of environmentalism /; Kevin Michael DeLuca --; Economic justice and communication ethics : considering multiple points of intersection /; Zachary A. Schaefer ... [et al.] --; The polyphony of corporate social responsibility : deconstructing accountability and transparency in the context of identity and hypocrisy /; Lars Thøger Christensen, Mette Morsing, and Ole Thyssen --; When unreason masquerades as reason : can law regulate trade and networked communication ethically? /; Radha D'Souza --; Response and conclusion : a vision of applied ethics for communication studies /; Josina M. Maku.Includes bibliographical references and index.edited by George Cheney, Steve May, Debashish Munshi. More Records: Show record informationInternet resource (url)Book; Internet Resource
P. Clarke, Education for sustainability : becoming naturally smart. Abingdon, Oxon ; New York: Routledge, 2012, p. xvii, 137 p.
20110293446977419Paul Clarke.22 cm.Includes bibliographical references and index.Exploration one: rethinking our relationship with the environment -- Exploration two: is education fit for purpose if the purpose is sustainable living? -- Exploration three: how can community help schools to live with uncertainty? -- Exploration four: open source living: when sustainability the way of life -- Exploration five: can we create schools of sustainability? -- Exploration six: the urban fix: sustainable cities, sustainable minds -- Exploration seven: our great work -- education for sustainability.
E. D. Cohen and Elliott, D., Journalism ethics : a reference handbook. Santa Barbara, Calif.: ABC-CLIO, 1997, p. viii, 196 p.
24 cm.Introduction -- Chronology -- Biographical sketches -- Issues in journalism ethics -- The shape of the news -- Objectivity and news bias -- The free press and democracy -- Morality and professionalism -- News sources and deception -- Court cases -- Codes of journalism ethics -- Selected print resources -- Selected nonprint resources -- Organizations -- Glossary.Includes bibliographical references and index.edited by Elliot D. Cohen and Deni Elliott. More Records: Show record informationBook
C. Cohen and Regan, T., The animal rights debate. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2001, p. viii, 323 p.
24 cm.In defense of the use of animals / Carl Cohen -- 1. The moral problem of animal use -- 2. The factual setting of animal experimentation -- 3. Rights and interests -- 4. If animals had rights -- 5. Why animals do not have rights -- 6. Why animals are mistakenly believed to have rights -- 7. The moral inequality of species : why "speciesism" is right -- 8. Spurious scientific arguments against the use of animals -- 9. What good does animal experimentation do -- 10. The proven accomplishments of animal research -- The case for animal rights / Tom Regan -- 11. From indifference to advocacy -- 12. Animal exploitation -- 13. The nature and importance of rights -- 14. Indirect duty views -- 15. Direct duty views -- 16. Human rights -- 17. Animal rights -- Reply to Tom Regan / Carl Cohen -- Reply to Carl Cohen / Tom Regan.Includes bibliographical references and index.Carl Cohen and Tom Regan. More Records: Show record informationBook
G. E. Coleman, Coding Freedom : The Ethics and Aesthetics of Hacking. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2013, p. 272 p.
CL0500000186 Safari Books Online:E. Gabriella Coleman.Ethics and aesthetics of hackingill.Description based on print version record.Includes bibliographical references and index.eresour-nc Online Resource Accessible anywhere on campus or with UIUC NetID*UIUC Online Collection Online Resource Accessible anywhere on campus or with UIUC NetID
C. Colwell-Chanthaphonh and Ferguson, T. J., Collaboration in archaeological practice : engaging descendant communities. AltaMira Press, 2008.
ill., map ; 24 cm.Introduction: the collaborative continuum / Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh and T.J. Ferguson -- Navigating the fluidity of social identity: collaborative research into cultural affiliation in the American southwest / Michael Adler and Susan Bruning -- Unusual or "extreme" beliefs about the past, community identity, and dealing with the fringe / Larry J. Zimmerman -- Things are not always what they seem: indigenous knowledge and pattern recognition in the archaeological interpretation of cultural landscapes / Norm Sheehan and Ian Lilley -- Not the end, not the middle, but the beginning: repatriation as a transformative mechanism for archaeologists and indigenous peoples / Dorothy Lippert -- Heritage ethics and descendant communities / Lynn Meskell and Lynette Sibongile Masuku Van Damme -- Collaboration means equality, respect, and reciprocity: a conversation about archaeology and the Hopi tribe / Leigh J. Kuwanwisiwma -- The ethics of collaboration: whose culture? whose intellectual property? who benefits? / Claire Smith and Gary Jackson -- New Africa: understanding the americanization of African descent groups through archaeology / Thomas W. Cuddy and Mark P. Leone -- "I wish for paradise": memory and class in Hampden, Baltimore / Paul A. Shackel and Favid A. Gadsby -- Entering the agora: archaeology, conservation, and indigenous peoples in the Amazon / Michael J. Heckenberger -- Collaborative encounters / George P. Nicholas, John R. Welch, and Eldon C. YellowhornIncludes bibliographical references and index.edited by Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh and T.J. Ferguson. More Records: Show record informationInternet resource (url)Book; Internet Resource Date of Entry: 20070521
N. I. H. A. R. A. (U. S. ) of Committee and of and National Institutes of Health (U.S.), O. A. C. U., Using animals in intramural research : guidelines for investigators and guidelines for animal users. Bethesda, MD: NIH Animal Research Advisory Committee : NIH Office of Animal Care and Use, 2000, p. 1 v. (various pagings).
(OCoLC)ocm31313603ill. ; 30 cm.Cover title.Includes bibliographical references.
P. Connolly, Cox-White, B., Keller, D. R., and Leever, M. G., Ethics in Action . Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell , 2009, p. 517.
S. S. Coughlin, Case studies in public health ethics, 2ndnd ed. Washington, DC: American Public Health Association, 2009, p. vi, 139 p.
American Public Health Association.23 cm.Case analysis and moral reasoning -- Privacy and confidentiality protection -- Informed consent in public health research -- Randomized controlled trials -- Committee review and the institutional review board system -- Scientific misconduct in public health research -- Conflicting interests and research sponsorship -- Intellectual property and data sharing -- Publication and interpretation of research -- Communication responsibilities of public health professionals -- Public health practice -- Studies of vulnerable populations -- Cross-cultural research -- International health research -- Genetic research and testing -- AIDS prevention and treatment -- Allocation of scarce resources and health care reform.Includes bibliographical references and index.Steven S. Coughlin. More Records: Show record informationBook
C. Cowell-Chanthaphonh, Hollowell, J., and McGill, D., Ethics in Action : Case Studies in Archaeological Dilemmas . Washington, DC: Society for American Archaeology , 2008, p. 222 p.
R. Cressy, Cumming, D., Mallin, C. A., and service), S. L. (O., Entrepreneurship, governance and ethics. Dordrecht: Springer, 2012, p. 1 online resource (380 p.).
/ Robert Cressy, Douglas Cumming, Christine Mallin, editors."Previously published in the Journal of Business Ethics, Volume 95, Supplement 2, 2010."--T.p.Includes bibliographical references.*UIUC Online Collection Online Resource Accessible anywhere on campus or with UIUC NetID
W. A. Crowley, Defending Professionalism : a resource for librarians, information specialists, knowledge managers, and archivists. Santa Barbara, California: Libraries Unlimited, an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, 2012, p. 1 online resource (xiii, 235 p.).
Bill Crowley, editor.ill.Includes bibliographical references and index.Why Are We Trashing the Professionalism of Librarians, Information Specialists, Knowledge Managers, and Archivists? / Bill Crowley -- Justifying Professional Education in a Self-Service World / Rachel Rubin and Richard Rubin -- Youth Services in Public Libraries : A Return to Belligerence / Janice M. Del Negro -- We Build Communities through Knowledge : Demonstrating the Value of the Professional Public Librarian / Brenda Roberts -- Strategies and Aspirations for Defending School Library Professionalism / Don Hamerly -- Future-Proofing the Academic Librarian / Lenora Berendt and Maria Otero-Boisvert -- Understanding the Worth of the Professional Librarian in the Research University or Institution / Cleo Pappas -- Valuing the Return on Investment of the Information Professional in Specialized Institutions (Corporations, Government Agencies, NGOs, etc.) / Michael Koenig -- Defending the "Professional" Archivist / Cecilia Salvatore -- A Culturally Pragmatic and Feminist Influenced Approach to Defending Professionalism / Bill Crowley -- The LIS Professional Commons and the Online Networked Practitioner / Kyle M.L. Jones and Michael Stephens -- The "Political Case" for Supporting the Value of Professionalism / Bill Crowley -- An Obstacle : The Difficulty of Convincing Others to Change Their Thinking and Behavior / Robert F. Moran Jr. -- Advancing Professionalism in Library, Information, Knowledge, and Archival Services in the "New Normal World" / Bill Crowley.*UIUC Online Collection Ebrary Online Resource Accessible anywhere on the UIUC campus or with UIUC NetID