Archimedean Oath


École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne


Date Approved: 


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"Considering the life of Archimedes of Syracuse who illustrated the ambiguous potential of technology since the Antiquity,

Considering the growing responsibility of engineers and scientists towards men and nature,

Considering the importance of the ethical problems stemming from technology and its applications,

Today, I commit to the following statements and shall endeavour to reach towards the ideal that they represent:

  • I shall practise for the good of mankind, respecting human rights1 and the environment. 
  • I shall recognise the responsibility for my actions, after informing myself to the best of my abilities, and shall in no case discharge my responsibilities on another person 
  • I shall endeavour to perfect my professional abilities 
  • When choosing and implementing projects,I shall remain wary of their context and their consequences, notably in their technical, economic, social and ecological aspects. 
  • I shall give particular attention to projects with military applications. I shall contribute, to the extent of my abilities, to promote equitable relationships between men and to support the development of economically weaker countries. 
  • I shall transmit, with rigour and honesty, to discerningly chosen interlocutors, any important information, if it constitutes a gain for society or if its rentention constitutes a danger for others. In the latter case,
  •  I shall ensure that the communication yields concrete action. 
  • I shall not let myself be governed by the defence of my own interests or those of my corporation.
  •  I shall endeavour, to the best of my abilities, to lead my company to take into account the preoccupations of the present oath.
  •  I shall practise my profession in complete intellectual honesty, with conscience and dignity.

I solemnly take this oath, freely and on my honour."

1. According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations (10 December 1948)