Code of Ethics for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional™


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All information systems security professionals who are certified by (ISC)² recognize that such certification is a privilege that must be both earned and maintained. In support of this principle, all Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSPs) commit to fully support this Code of Ethics. CISSPs who intentionally or knowingly violate any provision of the Code will be subject to action by a peer review panel, which may result in the revocation of certification.

Individuals certified by (ISC)² agree to abide by the following:

  • In the course of my professional activities, I shall conduct myself in accordance with the highest standards of moral, ethical and legal behavior. 
  • I shall not commit or be party to any unlawful or unethical act that may negatively affect my professional reputation or the reputation of my profession. 
  • I shall appropriately report any activity related to the profession that I believe to be unlawful, and I shall cooperate with any resulting investigation.
  •  I shall support efforts to promote the understanding and acceptance of prudent information security measures throughout the public, private and academic sectors of our global information society. 
  • I shall provide competent service to my employers and clients, and shall avoid any conflicts of interest; 
  • I shall execute my responsibilities in a manner consistent with the highest standards of my profession.
  •  I shall not misuse information to which I become party in the course of my duties, and
  •  I shall maintain the confidentiality of all information in my possession that is so identified.

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