Guidelines for Professional Conduct (2008)


American Meteorological Society


AMS Constitution and By Laws

Date Approved: 

January 20, 2008

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Guidelines for Professional Conduct

ARTICLE XII. Guidelines for Professional Conduct.

To enhance the benefits of the meteorological and related professions to humanity, to uphold the dignity and honor of the profession, and to provide guidance for individual members, institutional members, or for members in association with other professionals, the American Meteorological Society has adopted the following Guidelines for Professional Conduct. Only individuals and organizations who intend to abide by these Guidelines should seek admission or continuing membership in the Society; therefore, these Guidelines will appear on the membership application form and will be published at least annually in the official organ of the Society.

1. Relationship of members to the profession as a whole.

A. Members should conduct themselves in such a manner as to reflect dignity and honor on their profession.

B. Members who are professionally active should endeavor to keel abreast of relevant scientific and technical developments; they should continuously strive to improve their professional abilities.

C. Members engaged in the development of new knowledge should make known to the scientific world their significant results through the media of technical or scientific publications or meetings.

2. Relationship of members to colleagues.

Members should not take credit knowingly for work done by others; in publications or meetings, members should attempt to give credit where due.

3. Relationship of members with clients and the general public.

  1. Members should base their practice on sound scientific principles applied in a scientific manner.
  2. Members should not direct their professional activities into practices generally recognized as being detrimental to, or incompatible with, the general public welfare.
  3. Members undertaking work for a client should fully advise them is to the likelihood of success.
  4. Members should retrain from making exaggerated or Unwarranted claims and statements.
  5. Members should refer requests for service which are beyond their professional capabilities or their scope of service to those properly qualified
  6. Members shall not use or display the official seal of the American Meteorological Society, the Radio Seal of Approval, the Television Seal of Approval or the designation Certified Consulting Meteorologist unless duly authorized by the Society.