Code of Ethics (1922)


Talisman Jewelers and Metalsmiths


Code of Ethics

Date Approved: 

August 27, 1922

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Code of Ethics

Talisman Jewelers and Metalsmiths subscribes to the following declarations:

  • TO conduct ourselves in a professional manner and perform competently at all times.

  • TO deserve the patronage of this community by rendering service based upon the highest standards of truth and honor.

  • TO earn, establish and maintain a reputation for giving maximum values at a fair price.

  • TO render prompt and efficient service to our customers.

  • TO adjust promptly any cause of dissatisfaction and endeavor to make every purchaser a satisfied customer.

  • TO advise every customer in regard to each purchase as we would wish to be advised were we the purchaser.

  • TO make every transaction a stone in the foundation of CONFIDENCE, without which no business can be permanently successful.

(Adopted by Members of Jewelers of America August 27, 1922)