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Business Exchange International

We who believe in free enterprise; in the rights of a business owner to operate at a profit; in the GOLDEN RULE in our business dealings with other business owners and the general pubic: Do hereby subscribe to, endorse and agree to implementing the following:

We Shall:


with other independent business owners to protect and preserve our economic freedom and the free enterprise system.


Our membership for the purpose of offering even greater advantages to our members, customers and general public.


the Rules and Regulations of the Exchange. Report any abuses. Submit differences to arbitration by our fellow members. Seek equal benefits for all.


our customers, our fellow members and our community with the respect and goodwill that will advance the image of independent business establishments.


the fellowship, problems and goals of our fellow members and their families.


Our business services and profits through education programs offered by the Exchange... and assist others to improve by sharing our knowledge with them.