Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct (Undated)


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Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct


BOMA Calgary, and its members, are committed to promoting the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and ability available in the commercial and industrial property and asset management industry as well as the public at large. It is intended to encourage fair and healthy competition within the industry. We consider industry relationships critical to the industry's success.

Minimum standards of conduct in these areas are contained herein:


I Professionalism

Each member of the Association and anyone working for the member shall conduct business in a manner displaying the highest degree of professional behaviour bringing credit to the profession, the industry, and the Association. Members and anyone working for the member shall speak truthfully and act in accordance with accepted principles of honesty and integrity. Anyone working for a member shall endeavour to understand and fairly represent his or her own scope of knowledge and ability to perform services.

II Responsibility to Clients

Each member shall diligently and honestly pursue the client's legitimate objectives. Whenever possible objectives should be put in writing to avoid misunderstanding. No member shall place its own needs and desires above those of the client in the performance of work for that client. Each member shall advise the client regularly or as agreed on matters concerning the creation of value. Federal, Provincial and Local laws as well as regulations, codes and ordinances shall be strictly adhered to in the co-operation of property or equipment.

III Responsibility to Employers

Each person working for a member shall behave in a manner consistent with the stated goals of his or her firm and/or employer. No person working for a member shall act out of a motive of personal gain apart from the knowledge and consent of the employer and/or firm.

IV Responsibilities to Real Property and Equipment

Each member shall be diligent in the operation of property to maximize its long-term value within the client's objectives. Members shall not knowingly permit or cause damage to the property or properties under their control. In the operation of the property, members shall take those actions reasonably necessary to maximize the security and life safety of the occupants consistent with accepted standards of the industry.

V Conflict of Interest

Prior to accepting an engagement for services, each member shall disclose to its potential client any known conflicting interest it may have between:

(a) That client and any other client
(b) That client and it's employees, or
(c) That client and it's suppliers.

If any such conflicting interest arises after commencement of services, that interest shall also be disclosed to the member's client. Each member shall use every reasonable means to resolve any such conflicting interest. A conflicting interest is one which would be likely to affect adversely the judgment of the member on behalf of or its loyalty to a client or prospective client or which the member might be prompted to prefer to the interests of a client or prospective client.

VI Confidentiality

Each member shall maintain as confidential any legitimate business information provided in confidence until:

(a) Given permission to disclose it by the source of such information, or
(b) Being legally required to do so.

VII Fair Dealing

Each member shall endeavour to deal fairly with it's clients, tenants, competitors, vendors, and employees. No member shall take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts, or any other unfair dealing practice.