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Pascal Amara

Visiting Scholar

Office: Hermann Hall, Room 206
3241 S. Federal Street, Chicago IL 60616

Phone: 312.567.8678  

Fax: 312.567.3016



Pursuing a Masters of Education in Philosophy, University of Mainz

Bachelors of Education, Philosophy, Johannes Gutenberg University at Mainz (2015)


 Pascal Amara obtained his Bachelor of Education in philosophy, biology and political science at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz in 2013. At present he is pursuing his Masters of Education in philosophy at the University of Mainz. His interests center on personal identity and philosophy of religion. He is also interested in parts of the new upcoming field of neuroethics. He wrote his bachelor thesis about animalism from Eric T. Olson. In this, he examined the corpse problems and analyzed how Olson´s solutions to these problems behave to his own theory.

He was involved in the open mind project ( as well as the Materialism Conference "Varieties of Early Modern Materialism" as a research assistant. Currently he is involved in the NERRI-project ("Neuro-Enhancement:Responsible Research and Innovation") funded by the European Commission.

During his five month stay at the Illinois Institute of Technology he is also working on the “DIY Biohacking project”. Moreover he is looking forward to start his master thesis as soon as possible.

Current Projects

Neuroenhancment - Responsible Research and Innovation (NERRI)

Collaborative DIY Biohacking Study