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Mission and Vision


To educate students as responsible professionals, to reflect on the wider implications of scientific progress, and to contribute to the shaping of technology in accordance with fundamental human values.


CSEP will be an internationally connected ethics center with a focus on professional and applied ethics, integrating ethics education into the colleges and departments of Illinois Tech, engaging in research and public dialogue at a local and global level.

We seek to:

  • Enhance the distinctive education offered to Illinois Tech students by working with faculty from all the different colleges and departments at IIT to help meaningfully integrate ethics into their educational programs – from the undergraduate to the graduate level.
  • Promote innovative teaching by developing new pedagogical approaches and content in a wide variety of formats from the semester-long ethics course to shorter lessons, workshops or other formats.
  • Establish a strong research program in ethics in the life sciences and in ethical and societal issues of emerging technologies.
  • Build on the already existing unique CSEP collection of codes of ethics, expand and internationalize the collection to make it the basis for future research on codes of ethics.
  • Be a strong participant in debates on ethical and societal implications of science and technology in the Chicago area, nationwide and internationally.