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The Emerging Governance Landscape of Nanotechnology

Authors: Rip, Arie ; Kearnes, Matthew ; Gammel, Stefan ; Losch, Andreas ; Nordmann, Alfred
Publication Type: Book Chapter
Secondary Title: Jenseits von Regulierung: Zum politischen Umgang mit der Nanotechnologie
Abstract: Over the last five years an international policy debate has emerged concerning the appropriate mechanisms for the governance and regulation of advances in nanotechnology. The terms of this debate parallel the classic dilemma in...
Year: 2009

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Anticipatory Governance of Nanotechnology : Foresight, Engagement, and Integration

Authors: Barben, Daniel ; Fisher, Erik ; Selin, Cynthia ; Guston, David H ; Hackett, E. J. ; Amsterdamska, O. ; Lynch, M.
Publication Type: Book Chapter
Secondary Title: The Handbook of Science and Technology Studies : Third Edition
Abstract: The widespread understanding that nanotechnology constitutes an emerging set of science-based technologies with the collective capacity to remake social, economic, and technological landscapes (e.g., Crow & Sarewitz, 2001) has, in...
Year: 2007

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