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International Handbook on Regulating Nanotechnologies

Authors: Hodge, Graeme A. ; Bowman, Diana M. ; Maynard, Andrew D
Publication Type: Book
Abstract: In this Handbook, leading international authors from industry, government, non-governmental organisations and academia examine the complex and often controversial regulatory challenges presented by nanotechnologies. The perspectives...
Year: 2011

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The Emerging Governance Landscape of Nanotechnology

Authors: Rip, Arie ; Kearnes, Matthew ; Gammel, Stefan ; Losch, Andreas ; Nordmann, Alfred
Publication Type: Book Chapter
Secondary Title: Jenseits von Regulierung: Zum politischen Umgang mit der Nanotechnologie
Abstract: Over the last five years an international policy debate has emerged concerning the appropriate mechanisms for the governance and regulation of advances in nanotechnology. The terms of this debate parallel the classic dilemma in...
Year: 2009

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Anticipatory Governance of Nanotechnology : Foresight, Engagement, and Integration

Authors: Barben, Daniel ; Fisher, Erik ; Selin, Cynthia ; Guston, David H ; Hackett, E. J. ; Amsterdamska, O. ; Lynch, M.
Publication Type: Book Chapter
Secondary Title: The Handbook of Science and Technology Studies : Third Edition
Abstract: The widespread understanding that nanotechnology constitutes an emerging set of science-based technologies with the collective capacity to remake social, economic, and technological landscapes (e.g., Crow & Sarewitz, 2001) has, in...
Year: 2007

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Nanotechnology : Mapping the Wild Regulatory

Authors: Bowman, D. ; Hodge, G.A.
Publication Type: Journal Article
Secondary Title: Futures
Abstract: Purpose - To examine the phenomena of nanotechnology and regulatory frontiers within which it may operate. Design/methodology/approach - Discusses the nature of nanotechnology in terms of it being considered science function or sci...
Year: 2006

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Midstream Modulation of Technology: Governance From Within

Authors: Fisher, E. ; Mahajan, R. L. ; Mitcham, C.
Publication Type: Journal Article
Secondary Title: Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society
Abstract: Public “upstream engagement” and other approaches to the social control of technology are currently receiving international attention in policy discourses around emerging technologies such as nanotechnology. To the extent that such ...
Year: 2006
DOI: 10.1177/0270467606295402

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An Overview of the Framework of Current Regulation Affecting the Development and Marketing of Nanomaterials : A Report for the DTI

Authors: Frater, Lori ; Stokes, Elen ; Lee, Robert ; Orola, Taiwo ; ERSC Centre for Business Relationships Accountability Sustainability and Society, Cardiff University
Publication Type: Report
Abstract: This report represents an analysis of the potential gaps in the regulation of the development, manufacture, supply, use and end of life of free engineered nanoparticles. The report also looks at the existing regulatory frameworks th...
Year: 2006

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Soft Law Oversight Mechanisms for Nanotechnology

Authors: Abbott, Kenneth W. ; Marchant, Gary E. ; Corley, Elizabeth
Publication Type: Journal Article
Secondary Title: Jurimetrics: The Journal of Law, Science and Technology
Abstract: Few observers doubt that regulatory oversight is now or will ultimately be necessary for at least some nanotechnology products and processes. Yet oversight need not take the form of mandatory command-and-control regulation: regulati...
Year: 2012

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Wide Reflective Equilibrium as a Normative Model for Responsible Governance

Authors: Doorn, Neelke
Publication Type: Journal Article
Secondary Title: NanoEthics
Abstract: Soft regulatory measures are often promoted as an alternative for existing regulatory regimes for nanotechnologies. The call for new regulatory approaches stems from several challenges that traditional approaches have difficulties d...
Year: 2013
DOI: 10.1007/s11569-013-0169-3

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Transnational Governance Arrangements: Legitimate Alternatives to Regulating Nanotechnologies?

Authors: Kica, Evisa ; Bowman, Diana M.
Publication Type: Journal Article
Secondary Title: NanoEthics
Abstract: In recent years, the development and the use of engineered nanomaterials have generated many debates on whether these materials should be part of the new or existing regulatory frameworks. The uncertainty, lack of scientific knowled...
Year: 2013
DOI: 10.1007/s11569-013-0166-6

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Discovering Specific Conditions for Compliance with Soft Regulation Related to Work with Nanomaterials

Authors: Reichow, Aline ; Dorbeck-Jung, Bärbel
Publication Type: Journal Article
Secondary Title: NanoEthics
Abstract: At workplaces where nanomaterials are produced or used, risk assessment and risk management are extremely difficult tasks since there is still limited evidence about the risks of nanomaterials. Measurement methods for nanoparticles ...
Year: 2013
DOI: 10.1007/s11569-013-0165-7

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