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No nanoparticles were killed making this post

By csep - Posted on 09 August 2010

TitleNo nanoparticles were killed making this post
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsFeder, Barnaby J.
Series TitleNew York Times "Bits" blog
Access Date9 August 2010
Date Published15 January 2008
PublisherNew York Times
Publication LanguageEnglish

A blog post by Barnaby Feder discussing the Soil Association's decision to not allow its organic label on products that contain man-made particles with a mean size of less than 200 nanometers or in which the smallest particle were is less than 125 nanometers. The organization claims that its ban goes to the core of the organic movement's values of protecting human health, but critics of the ban worry that it will create negative press for nanotechnology and hold back valuable developments. Feder also discusses why the Soil Association chose to make the threshold 200 nanometers, while the common view among experts in the field is that true nanotechnology involves particles of 100 nanometers or less.

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