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Nanotechnology and society : current and emerging ethical issues

By csep - Posted on 12 July 2010

TitleNanotechnology and society : current and emerging ethical issues
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsAllhoff, Fritz, and Lin Patrick
Pagination334 p.
Place PublishedLondon
Publication LanguageEnglish
ISSN Number9781402062087

This anthology of essays from leading researchers, policy experts, and nanoethics scholars focus on urgent issues arising from nanotechnology research and development such as environmental and health impact, medical benefits, intellectual property, professional codes of ethics and nanotechnology, privacy, and international governance. Essays Include: On the Autonomy and Justification of Nanoethics – Fritz Allhoff ; The Presumptive Case for Nanotechnology – Paul B. Thompson ; The Bearable Newness of Nanoscience, or; How Not to Get Regulated Out of Business – Arthur Zucker ; Ethics, Risk, and Nanotechnology: Responsible Approaches to Dealing with Risk -Commission de l'Éthique de la Science et de la Technologie ; Intuitive Toxicology: The Public Perception of Nanoscience -David M. Berube ; Environmentalism Holism and Nanotechnology - Thomas M. Powers ; Nanotechnology's Future: Considerations for the Professional - Ashley Shew ; The Tangled Web of Tiny Things: Privacy Implications of Nano-electronics - Jeroen van den Hoven ; Carbon Nanotube Patent Thickets - Drew L. Harris ; Ethical Aspects of Nanomedicine: A Condensed Version of the EGE Opinion 21 - European Group on Ethics ; Emerging Issues in Nanomedicine and Ethics - Raj Bawa and Summer Johnson ; Nanoscience, Nanoscientists, and Controversy - Jason Scott Robert ; Nanotechnology and the Poor: Opportunities and Risks for Developing Countries - Todd F. Barker, Leili Fatehi, Michael T. Lesnick, Timothy J. Mealey, Rex R. Raimond ; Cultural Diversity in Nanotechnology Ethics - Joachim Schummer ; Transnational Nanotechnology Governance: A Comparison of the US and China - Evan S. Michelson and David Rejeski.