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Nanosilver in Consumer Products: A Topic for Integration of Ethical & Social Implications with Biology

By csep - Posted on 22 February 2013

TitleNanosilver in Consumer Products: A Topic for Integration of Ethical & Social Implications with Biology
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsEggleson, Kathleen
JournalThe American Biology Teacher
Pagination59 - 60
Date Published01/2013
ISSN Number19384211
KeywordsConsumer Products, Education

The controversy and uncertainty surrounding use of nanosilver in consumer products can be used to stimulate a question-based discussion that integrates ethical and social implications with biology.

Short TitleThe American Biology Teacher


Elisha Cuthbert marries hockey player Dion Phaneuf in Canada





Actress Elisha Cuthbert married hockey player Dion Phaneuf Saturday. UPI/Jim Ruymen 
License photo

&nbsp,Candy Food;

Published: July 7, 2013 at 4:25 PM


Actress Elisha Cuthbert and Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Dion Phaneuf tied the knot Saturday before friends and family, and a small crowd of fans in Prince Edward Island.
The two wed at St. James Catholic Church in Summerfield, P.E.I., where a nearby highway was lined with fans and well-wishers, the Journal Pioneer in Summerside reported.
As she entered the church, Cuthbert turned toward the crowd of cheering fans and waved.
Phaneuf has family ties in Prince Edward Island and owns a summer home in New London. He and Cuthbert have summered there since they began dating in 2008. The pair got engaged in September.



Elisha Cuthbert and Hockey Star Dion Phaneuf Are Married
Christopher Polk/Getty Images
Sorry guys, but Elisha Cuthbert is officially off the market.
The Happy Endings actress tied the knot with her hockey star beau Dion Phaneuf earlier today, according to the Journal Pioneer.
Cuthbert, a Canadian native, and the Toronto Maple Leafs captain got married on a hill at the St. James Catholic Church in Summerfield, Prince Edward Island, with a reception schedulded for nearly 300 guests following the ceremony at Phaneuf's home.
WATCH: Elisha Cuthbert supports hockey beau during game
Toronto Star reporter Rosie DiManno live-tweeted the nuptials from inside the church (which was decorated with maple leaves). Bridesmaids wore pale pink fishtail gowns,dream of doll, DiManno wrote, and the bride was chauffeured in a black Chevrolet Camaro convertible.
"It's a big wedding, probably the biggest I've ever done in my 46 years, as far as the celebrity part of it goes," said Rev. Paul Egan to the National Post.
Rev. Egan also noted that this was the first time he has ever conducted a wedding with a private security detail on the church grounds. "I said, ‘I hope the paparazzi won't be peeking in,' and [Ms. Cuthbert] said, ‘Well, that's why we have security.'"
LOOK: Elisha Cuthbert gets voted Most Beautiful Woman on TV by Maxim
The couple began dating five years ago.
Phaneuf popped the question last September and announced their engagement to 35 friends and family during a lobster dinner at New Glasgow Lobster.
Erin Forest, dining room supervisor at the restaurant, told E! News that Cuthbert and Phaneuf "had a reservation for Sunday evening for their family. They dine with us quite often for the summers. She must have been engaged over the weekend. It was the first opportunity for the family to find out that news. They kind of announced it to the family at the dinner here...They were all having a good time."
Congratulations to the newlyweds!


What is a BJD?


BJD stands for Ball-Jointed Doll.   It's a doll with ball-and-socket joints in its body, arms and legs.  Sometimes the waist and fingers also have articulating joints.    Making and customizing BJDs has been a popular hobby in Japan for a long time but popularity has now spread all over the globe.  Commercially made dolls are made of resin (and are quite expensive) but it's possible to make your own BJD with air-dry clay.  This is not a project for the beginner or the faint-of heart!   LOL

LaDoll and Creative Paperclay are two popular clays for creating BJDs.    Polymer clay is sometimes used but doll quality air-dry clays seem to be the most popular for one of a kind BJDs.


There are many variations in the way to join each part of a doll, but essentially all limbs and joints are joined together by hooks and loops of elastic that are string as shown in image below.

A well-balanced, well-constructed doll can sit, bend and stand by itself and imitate human movement very accurately.  Arms are attached by elastic running through the armholes and torso.  In each leg, loops of elastic run from a hook inside the ankle up through the knee, through the leg-hole, and up to the head.  All loops being hung on a hook inside the neck.   Another band is attached to hooks strung inside the wrist joint.

Of course, to have this type of joint stringing, the doll must be hollow.   There are several different methods for accomplishing this.   The one thing they all have in common is that dolls are made in sections which are formed over some kind of removable armature.    Many tutorials suggest using Styrofoam, straws and other material as the removable armature when creating hollow parts.


Tutorial Links:

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Row over existence of Loch Ness breaks out among tourist bosses


A row has broken out among tourist centre bosses in Scotland over the existence of the Loch Ness Monster, with one accusing another of selling fake photographs of the creature.

The argument started when George Edwards, who runs Loch Ness Cruises in Drumnadrochit, Scotland, criticised fellow members of the local Chamber of Commerce for treating the monster as "a myth".

Tony Harmsworth, the former boss of the Loch Ness Centre, responded by accused him of "palming his customers off with fake photographs".

The row is now threatening to split the local business community, 80 years after the first modern-day sighting of the monster put the loch on the map as a tourist destination.

In a letter to the chamber, Mr Edwards, criticised the overly scientific approach taken by the Loch Ness Centre. He says visitors come out of the exhibition feeling disappointed after being told that Nessie is "a myth".

"Just about every time that Mr Shine appears in the media he talks about big fish and big waves,Ddung," Mr Edwards said. "I believe they are doing more harm than good in promoting Loch Ness tourism with their negative theories.

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Amanda Bynes Hospitalized, Arrested


Amanda Bynes was arrested at her New York apartment on Thursday for reckless endangerment, tampering with physical evidence and physical position of marijuana, police have confirmed to ET.
PICS: Amanda Bynes Bizarre Twitpics
A local NBC news station reports that the doorman at Bynes' building called police to report that the actress had been smoking marijuana in the lobby of her Midtown apartment. Bynes,ball jointed dolls, 27, allegedly tried to discard of a bong when police showed up and took her into custody.
The local station goes on to report that Bynes was taken to Roosevelt Hospital for "psychiatric evaluation" before heading to the Midtown police station.
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Publicist Jonathan Jaxson spoke with ET, revealing that the arrest took place after an attempted intervention was held for the actress, saying, "I didn't want her to go to jail and be charged, I wanted her to get help and be sober for a minute and realize reality and hope she sees that soooo many care and love her."

Everyone please say a prayer that our intervention worked and that @amandabynes has been arrested she will get the help she needs! #love
— Jonathan Jaxson (@jonathanjaxson) May 24, 2013

Sometimes you do things you don't want to do, but you know in ur ❤ u almost have no choice to save another's life u have come to care about.
— Jonathan Jaxson (@jonathanjaxson) May 24, 2013
The former Nickelodeon star has been racking up headlines lately for her dubious activity on social networking sites as well as run-ins with the law.
Bynes is currently under probation for driving with a suspended license and has a pending DUI case stemming from a 2012 arrest.

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Janet Jackson Is Officially A Billionaire

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American Idol guest star, Janet Jackson who secretly wed longtime boyfriend Wissam Al Mana late last year has been enjoying wedded bliss. And now, she has something else to enjoy. In fact, she’s reached an all-new high. What’s going on? She has officially reached billionaire status! Keep reading for more details.
According to omg!, 47-year-old Jackson has finally reached billionaire status! And for those of you who may be thinking ‘of course she’s a billionaire because she married one,’ you had better think again. While it’s true, Jackson married a billionaire, she is a billionaire in her own right, and it was without any help from husband Wissam Al Mana.
Jackson has had a long and successful career that began in the 70’s. And she is, after all, one of the best selling artists of all time. She raked in a hefty $458 million from six concert tours between 1990 and 2011 alone. Plus, she has earned another “$260 million in sales from her ten albums and more than $81 million from tour sponsorships and licensing fees.”
And let’s not forget her acting career. Jackson took in another $304 million starring in movies such as “Poetic Justice,” “The Nutty Professor,” “Why Did I Get Married,” and “For Colored Girls” to name a few.
Welcome to the billionaire’s club, Janet. You’ve worked hard and you deserve to be there!
What do you think of Jackson’s billionaire status? Must be nice, huh? And are you a fan? Or not so much? We know you have an opinion and we want to hear it so sound off in the comments section and let us know!
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Fred White Dies Broadcaster Was 76

Fred White, who was a sports broadcaster for the Royals,jewelry box, has died from complications of melanoma just a day after announcing his retirement. He was 76 years old.
White had a 40-year career with the Royals, some of which was spent in charge of the Royals Radio Network and as director of Broadcast Services. When he wasn’t broadcasting for the team, he was calling basketball games.
“Fred White has been synonymous with Royals baseball as long as anybody can remember,” Royals vice president of communications and broadcasting Mike Swanson said when the team announced White’s retirement. “There are so many people in Kansas City who, when they hear a voice, they knew it was Royals baseball, and Fred was that voice along with Denny for so many years. He had a huge influence on my life back in the ’70s, and I’m personally honored that I had a chance to work with him when I came back to town and wish him and his family nothing but the best.”


Kidnap Victim Shuns Family: Michelle Knight Could Be Adopted by Gina DeJesus' Parents

Kidnap victim, Michelle Knight, could continue to shun her family and is considering being adopted by the family of fellow kidnap victim Gina DeJesus, according to reports Friday.
According to a friend of Felix and Nancy DeJesus – parents of Gina – they are planning to adopt Michelle, whose relationship with her parents is not good following her release from captivity, the Daily Mail has reported.
According to the publication, a neighbor of the DeJesus family, Lupe Collins, was told by Nancy DeJesus on Thursday that she and her husband are trying to convince Michelle, 32, to come and live with them and allow them to adopt her.
Collins told the Daily Mail: "She was Georgina's sister for ten years in that house and she's still her sister now. They're going to take her in as their own family member and help her. Michelle doesn't want to go back to her own family because they abused her before she was kidnapped and they only want the money now."
Michelle Knight was finally released from the hospital on Friday and is reported to have gone to Gina DeJesus' house instead of going with her own mom or grandmother.
Metro Health Medical Center in Cleveland released the following statement on her behalf on Friday as she left the hospital:

Michelle Knight is in good spirits and would like the community to know that she is extremely grateful for the outpouring of flowers and gifts. She is especially thankful for the Cleveland Courage Fund. She asks that everyone please continue to respect her privacy at this time.
Since Monday, when Knight escaped after being held captive by Ariel Castro for 11 years, she has shunned her own family as she recuperated in hospital.
Knight was held for the longest of the three victims held in Castro's home, and she stayed in hospital until today, where as the other two victims, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus have already gone home to family with joyous celebrations witnessed.
In contrast Michelle Knight has been very quiet in hospital, shunning visits from relatives, some of whom believed that she had run away when she disappeared 11 years ago.
Doctors at Metro Health Medical Center in Cleveland have described Thursday that 32 year old Knight was in good health. However, it has been reported that neither Knight's grandmother nor her mother, who flew in from Florida this week, have seen her for any substantial time yet, according to Reuters. Another report from CBS News claimed that Michelle had met her mother for a very brief moment on Wednesday, but that it was tense and eventually Michelle asked her mother to leave.
On whether they had managed to speak to Michelle, grandmother, Deborah Knight has said, "No, we haven't – on her request. She does not want to be seen by family," according to Reuters.
Knight's grandmother, Deborah Knight, had previously said in an interview that family members had believed Michelle had ran away because she was angry that her son had been removed from her custody. The grandmother claims that the family held that belief based on the recommendation of police and social workers.

However, Michelle has agreed to allow one of her siblings, brother Freddie Knight, in to see her since she was freed on Monday.
Freddie has since described his sister: "Her skin was white as a ghost. She told me she was excited to start a new life."
However, since his one visit to see her he has not been back. Instead he has spoken to her once on the telephone, but has agreed to stay away for the moment at the recommendation of hospital staff.
Michelle Knight's grandmother Deborah has also told WOIO-TV Thursday that Michelle will require facial reconstructive surgery as Castro had beaten her so badly during her captivity. She said, "When she was severely beaten, he had beat her so bad in the face, she has to have facial reconstruction, and she's lost hearing in one ear."
As well as Knight, Amanda Berry, now 27, was freed on Monday. She went missing in April 2003 after finishing a work shift at a local Burger King, one day before her 17th birthday.
Berry's aunt, Gale Mitchell, has spoken out about the developments, testifying that her family had never given up hope that she would be found alive.
"My daughter (Berry's cousin) had a feeling she was still alive," Mitchell recently told CNN. "So did I. You don't give up hope,bjd convention; you just pray and pray and pray."
"It's crazy. I always knew that Amanda was a strong-willed person and eventually I knew she would get out of there. I just knew it. I just wondered 'Why not sooner?'" Mitchell questioned.
The three girls were found in a home belonging to Ariel Castro in a low-income neighborhood on Seymour Avenue in Cleveland's West Side on Monday.
Gina DeJesus disappeared at age 14 in April 2004 while walking home from school, and Knight, who disappeared at age 20 in August 2002.
"If you don't believe in miracles, I suggest you think again," Sandra Ruiz, DeJesus' aunt, told local news station WJW.
Here is a video news report on the Ohio kidnappings and Michelle Knight's departure from hospital on Friday:

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Coach Dies in Freak Accident: High School Coach Impaled on Gate,british journal of dermatology


A high school coach has died in a freak accident in California in an incident that has stunned the local communities.
Marion Adams, Rio Linda High School's multimedia teacher and track and field coach, was reportedly impaled by a parking lot gate while riding his bicycle.
News of the death has sparked an outpouring of mourning and prayers for his family from the local school community and authorities.
The tragic accident took place on Monday night when the coach was heading home from a practice, according to the Sacramento Bee.
As he was riding his bike Adams turned around to say goodbye to a student. The farewell caused him to be distracted for just a moment, but in that moment he accidentally slammed his bike into a metal gate, impaling him and injuring critically.
The high school coach was given two surgeries to treat his internal wounds, however despite those surgeries going well he succumbed to his injuries and died early Tuesday,
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Mike Morris, the school's varsity football team coach and athletic director, told the Sacramento Bee, "Marion was the most popular and nicest man on campus; just a great guy. It's a huge loss, devastating to our community."
At a vigil held in his honor on Tuesday night, hundreds of mourners attended and paid their respects to the much loved teacher.
Adams is survived by his wife Kathy, his children Joe and Sarah, as well as his two grandchildren. He also leaves behind his mother, Edith, and seven siblings: David, Steve, Janice, Caroline, Betty, Lorraine and Mark.
Here is a video news report into the tragic incident:

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