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Lessons from before and after nanotech

By csep - Posted on 22 February 2013

TitleLessons from before and after nanotech
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsToumey, Chris
JournalNature Nanotechnology
Pagination611 - 612
Date Published10/2012
ISSN Number1748-3395
KeywordsSocietal Implications

The article focuses on the common features of ethical questions related to biotechnology, nanotechnology and synthetic biology. It mentions that distributive justice is the first common feature arising from new technology which means that rich should not become richer on the cost of making poor poorer. It informs that the company ETC Group opposes new technologies and says that the risks emerging from them are unknown, unfair and unpalatable.

Short TitleNature Nanotech

Amanda Bynes gets Cher apology





Amanda Bynes has insulted a host of famous names over Twitter, including Rihanna, Chrissy Teigen, Courtney Love and most recently, Miley Cyrus. When the 27-year-old actress called Cyrus "ugly," the singer and former Disney star told a radio station that she was rooting for Bynes' comeback until that comment.
But not everyone is taking the troubled starlet's claims to heart. When a Twitter commenter asked one of America's most legendary divas if she was mad that Bynes called her "ugly and a flop," Cher responded, "Who is that?"
When she figured out who Bynes was, the 67-year-old entertainer immediately apologized for throwing "shade."

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2 FBI agents killed in training accident in Va


VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) — Two FBI special agents on the agency's elite Hostage Rescue Teamhave been killed in a training accident in Virginia, officials said Sunday.
The accident happened off the coast of Virginia Beach on Friday, the FBI's national press office announced in a statement Sunday. No other details were given and the cause is under investigation.
The special agents were identified as Christopher Lorek, 41, and Stephen Shaw, 40. Lorek joined the FBI in 1996 and is survived by a wife and two daughters, 11 and 8. Shaw joined in 2005 and is survived by a daughter, 3, and son, 1.
"We mourn the loss of two brave and courageous men," Director Robert Mueller said in the statement. "Like all who serve on the Hostage Rescue Team, they accept the highest risk each and every day, when training and on operational missions,Mini-sofa jewelry box, to keep our nation safe. Our hearts are with their wives, children, and other loved ones who feel their loss most deeply. And they will always be part of the FBI Family."
The Hostage Rescue Team is part of the Critical Incident Response Group based at Quantico in northern Virginia. Most recently, members of the team successfully rescued a 5-year-old boy from a small underground bunker where he was being held hostage by a 65-year-old man. The man was killed by agents.
Trained in military tactics and outfitted with combat-style gear and weapons, the group was formed 30 years ago in preparation for the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. The team is deployed quickly to trouble spots and provides assistance to local FBI offices during hostage situations. It has participated in hostage situations more than 800 times in the U.S. and elsewhere since 1983.

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Russian psychiatric hospital fire kills at least 38


A fire swept quickly through a psychiatric hospital outside Moscow overnight killing at least 38 people, Russian officials said on Friday.

Fire fighters work at the site of a fire at a psychiatric hospital in Ramenskoye Photo: ZUMA / Rex Features



8:10AM BST 26 Apr 2013

Health Ministry officials said that the one-story hospital housed patients with severe mental disorders.

Vadim Belovoshin from the emergency situations ministry official told the Itar-TASS news agency that the windows in the hospital were barred but said there were two fire escapes.

Officials from the Russian Investigative Committee said they were looking at poor fire regulations and short circuit as possible causes for the hospital fire in the Ramenskoye settlement in the early hours of Friday.

By early Friday morning, investigators listed 38 people – 36 patients and two doctors – as dead. Only one nurse and two patients managed to escape, according to the health ministry.

The emergency services also posted a list of the patients indicating they ranged in age from 20 to 76.

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