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Midstream Modulation of Technology: Governance From Within

By csep - Posted on 03 August 2012

TitleMidstream Modulation of Technology: Governance From Within
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsFisher, E., Mahajan R. L., and Mitcham C.
JournalBulletin of Science, Technology & Society
Pagination485 - 496
Date Published12/2006
ISSN Number0270-4676
KeywordsNanotechnology Policy and Regulation, Public Engagement

Public “upstream engagement” and other approaches to the social control of technology are currently receiving international attention in policy discourses around emerging technologies such as nanotechnology. To the extent that such approaches hold implications for research and development (R&D) activities, the distinct participation of scientists and engineers is required. The capacity of technoscientists to broaden the influences on R&D activities, however, implies that they conduct R&D differently. This article discusses the possibility for more reflexive participation by scientists and engineers in the internal governance of technology development. It reviews various historical attempts to govern technoscience and introduces the concept of midstream modulation, through which scientists and engineers, ideally in concert with others, bring societal considerations to bear on their work.

Short TitleBulletin of Science, Technology & Society