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Nanomedicine(s) under the Microscope

By csep - Posted on 17 November 2011

TitleNanomedicine(s) under the Microscope
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsDuncan, Ruth, and Gaspar Rogerio
JournalMolecular Pharmaceutics
Date Published10/2011
ISSN Number1543-8392
KeywordsHealth Aspects - Research, Medical Use

Depending on the context, nanotechnologies developed as nanomedicines (nanosized therapeutics and imaging agents) are presented as either a remarkable technological revolution already capable of delivering new diagnostics, treatments for unmanageable diseases, and opportunities for tissue repair or highly dangerous nanoparticles, nanorobots, or nanoelectronic devices that will wreak havoc in the body. The truth lies firmly between these two extremes. Rational design of “nanomedicines” began almost half a century ago, and >40 products have completed the complex journey from lab to routine clinical use. Here we critically review both nanomedicines in clinical use and emerging nanosized drugs, drug delivery systems, imaging agents, and theranostics with unique properties that promise much for the future. Key factors relevant to the design of practical nanomedicines and the regulatory mechanisms designed to ensure safe and timely realization of healthcare benefits are discussed.

Short TitleMol. Pharmaceutics