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ICSTI Statement on Nanotechnology

By csep - Posted on 04 June 2010

TitleICSTI Statement on Nanotechnology
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2004
Corporate AuthorsIrish Council for Science, Technology and Innovation
Pagination125 p.
Date Published07/2004
PublisherIrish Council for Science, Technology and Innovation
Place PublishedDublin
Publication LanguageEnglish

This statement from the Irish Council for Science, Technology and Innovation's Nanotechnology Task Force outlines a strategy of how Ireland will react to the emergence of nanotechnology. The Task Force identified and answered a number of objectives for Ireland, including agreeing on a national nanotechnology definition, a road map for research and development, and to develop an understanding of the specific nature of nanotechnology opportunity for key sectors of the Irish economy and assess the existing national nanotechnology capability. From there, the Task force seeks to build a sustainable vision and strategy for nanotechnology in Ireland and to agree on recommendations that will enable key stakeholders to work together to exploit nanotechnology opportunities for Ireland. The report also discusses regulatory issues regarding nanotechnology on pages 67-69. The Task Force found that few short term issues will emerge, and that these issues can be handed by existing government agencies working in cooperation with scientists and engineers in academia and industry. These issues include establishing standards and ensuring that health and safety regulations are sufficient to protect individuals handling or disposing of nanomaterials. The Task Force does see a number of long-term challenges related to nanomaterials, nanodevices and nanosystems, especially instances where biotechnology and nanotechnology converge and issues of security and privacy. The report also mandates the establishment of a National Nanotechnology Forum where key stakeholders could review and revise the Irish national roadmap for nanotechnology research and development, including issues of education, intellectual property and public awareness of nanotechnology.

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