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Risk Assessment

By csep - Posted on 13 April 2011

The NanoEthicsBank collects journal articles and reports looking at the risk assessment of engineered nanomaterials, as well as tools and strategies for managing unknown environmental health and safety risks associated with some engineered nanomaterials. Below are links to major tools and reports in this area.

This web-based tool, developed by the EU-funded Nanologue project, allows researchers and product developers to carry out a brief societal assessment of nanotechnological applications prior to market release. Based on extensive research and stakeholder consultation, the NanoMeter presents key findings of the Nanologue project along with a limited number of guiding questions that help to rapidly assess the potential societal benefits and impacts of nanotechnology-based applications at the research proposal and development phase.

Nano Risk Framework
Developed by the DuPont Corporation and the Environmental Defense Fund, this is a framework that assists companies and organizations to evaluate and address the potential environmental, health, and safety risks of nanoscale materials through its entire lifecycle. This framework also serves as a tool for documenting and communicating the steps taken by a user to address these risks, and the basis these specific steps were decided upon. The web site includes a number of case studies illustrating how this framework was used to evaluate nano-enabled products produced by DuPont. Available in English, French, Spanish and Mandarin.

Developed by Michael Hull for his employer who manufactured carbon nanomaterials,this risk framework was designed to help company management consider the lifecycle impacts of nanomanufacturing.

Work Health Safety Assessment Took for Handling Engineered Nanomaterials
This risk assessment framework, developed by Safe Work Australia, consists of a questionnaire that businesses and organizations working with nanotechnology can use to gather data about the nanomaterials and processes being used in the organization to help identify health and safety issues that may exist.