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Regulating Nanomaterials to Life, Not Death

By csep - Posted on 31 January 2011

TitleRegulating Nanomaterials to Life, Not Death
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsDennison, Richard
Corporate AuthorsEnvironmental Defense Fund
Series TitleChemical and Nanomaterials Blog
Access Date01/31/2011
Date Published01/28/2011
PublisherEnvironmental Defense Fund
Type of MediumBlog Entry
Publication Languageeng

This blog entry argues that a little regulation could do the the world of nanotechnology quite a bit of good. The author reviews the lack of regulation that has been passed from 2004-2011 to help get federal agencies the information they need to access potential risks before they arose in the field, and details how industry is working with congress to delay the development and implementation of new Toxic Substances Control Act which would impose new regulations on nanotechnology. After identifying a number of information gaps that still exist about the potential health and environmental effects of nanomaterials, the author reiterates the need for regulation as a way to restore confidence in our ability to produce and use nanomaterials in a manner that avoids the harms they may otherwise cause.