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By csep - Posted on 18 October 2010

Publication TypeDatabase
Year of Publication2010
Corporate AuthorsInternational Council on Nanotechnology, Nanotech BC, NanoAlberta, NanoQuebec, and United States National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health
Date Published10/18/2010
PublisherInternational Council on Nanotechnology
Publication Languageeng

The GoodNanoGuide is a collaboration platform designed to enhance the ability of experts to exchange ideas on how best to handle nanomaterials in an occupational setting. It is meant to be an interactive forum that fills the need for up-to-date information about current good workplace practices, highlighting new practices as they develop. The web site has information explaining current efforts focusing on the development of good workplace practices for handling nanomaterials, information for industry representatives on best practices that have already been developed, and provides a discussion platform for the development and sharing of good practice protocols, and for the sharing of information and knowledge among experts in the field.