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"Nanoselves": NBIC and the Culture of Convergence

By csep - Posted on 27 September 2010

Title"Nanoselves": NBIC and the Culture of Convergence
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsVenkatesan, Priya
JournalBulletin of Science, Technology & Society
Type of ArticleArticle
Publication Languageeng
ISSN Number02704676
Accession Number50407233
Keywordsartificial intelligence, BIOTECHNOLOGY, COGNITIVE science, CREATIVE ability in science, INFORMATION technology, INTELLECT, nanoethics, NANOTECHNOLOGY, NBIC convergence, POSITIVISM, scientific culture, subjectivity, TECHNOLOGICAL progress, TECHNOLOGICAL revolution

This essay looks at the convergence of the fiends of nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and cognitive science(NBIC), and the ethical discourse surrounding the questions raised by these converging technologies. The author discusses how the discussions often center around social and economic impact, and how it assumes positivism in the name of technological progress. Those engaged in producing the culture, including scientists, engineers, and ethicists of convergence, consider the ramifications of these technologies for subjectivity and identity in ways that do not fully account for the diversity of human experience, or the ambiguity of human nature. The author argues that these discussions about converging technologies offer negligible insight into human corporeality or experience and, in their theoretical frameworks, are hardly conscious of the necessity of effectively mobilizing the diversity within society and of social existence in bringing about nanotechnology's "maximum benefit to humanity," and are part and parcel of creating a "nanoself," bereft of uniqueness.


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