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Guidance for handling and use of nanomaterials in the workplace, Heinemann, M., and Schafer H. G. , Human & Experimental Toxicology, June 2009, Volume 28, Issue 6-7, p.407-11, (2009) Abstract
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Governing Future Technologies : Nanotechnology and the Rise of an Assessment Regime, Kaiser, Matthias, Kurath M., Maasen S., and Rehmann, Shutter C. , Series of the Sciences Yearbook, Volume 27, p.XXIII, 314 p., (2010) Abstract

Part I: Going ‘Nano’: Opportunities and Risks
Introduction to Part I
Chapter I: Martina Merz:
"Reinventing a Laboratory: Nanotechnology as a Resource for Organizational Change"
Chapter II: Monika Kurath:
"Negotiating Nano: From Assessing Risks to Disciplinary Transformations"
Chapter III: Christian Kehrt & Peter Schüssler:
"‘Nanoscience is 100 Years Old.’ The Defensive Appropriation of Nanodiscourse within the Disciplinary Boundaries of Crystallography"

Part II: Making Sense: Visions, Images, and Video Games
Introduction to Part II
Chapter IV: Joachim Schummer:
"From Nano-Convergence to NBIC-Convergence: ‘The best way to predict the future is to create it’"
Chapter V: Christopher Coenen:
"Deliberating Visions: The Case of Human Enhancement in the Discourse on Nanotechnology and Convergence"
Chapter VI: Andreas Lösch:
"Visual Dynamics: The Defuturization of the Popular ‘Nano-Discourse’ as an Effect of Increasing Economization"
Chapter VII: Colin Milburn:
"Digital Matters: Video Games and the Cultural Transcoding of Nanotechnology"

Part III:Assessing ‘Nano’: Repercussions on Research
Introduction to Part III
Chapter VIII: Arie Rip & Marloes van Amerom:
"Emerging de facto Agendas Surrounding Nanotech-nology: Two Cases Full of Contingencies, Lockouts, and Lock-Ins"
Chapter IX: Armin Grunwald & Peter Hocke:
"The Risk Debate on Nanoparticles: Contribution to a Normalisation of the Science/Society Relationship?"
Chapter X: Mario Kaiser:
"Futures Assessed: How Technology Assessment, Ethics and Think Tanks Make Sense of an Unknown Future"

Part IV:Assessing Dialogue: Governing ‘Nano’ by ELSI
Introduction to Part IV
Chapter XI: Alain Kaufmann, Claude Joseph, Catherine El-Bez & Marc Audétat:
"Why enrol citizens in the governance of nanotechnology?"
Chapter XII: Risto Karinen & David H. Guston:
"Toward Anticipatory Governance: The Experience with Nanotechnology"
Chapter XIII: Christoph Rehmann-Sutter & Jackie Leach Scully:
"Which Ethics for (of) the Nanotechnologies?"

Part V: Deconstructing the Assessment Regime
Introduction to Part V
Chapter XIV: Alfred Nordmann & Astrid Schwarz:
"Lure of the ‘Yes’: The Seductive Power of Technoscience"
Chapter XV: Matthew Kearnes:
"The Time of Science: Deliberation and the ‘New Governance’ of Nanotechnology"
Chapter XVI: Sabine Maasen:
"Converging Technologies – Diverging Reflexivities? Intellectual Work in Knowledge-Risk-Media-Audit Societies"

Good Things Come in Small Packages? A Chat about Nanotechnology and Food Safety, Knight, Debbie , Scientific American Guest Blog, 11/14/2011, Volume 2011, Number 11/17/2011, (2011) Abstract
Good governance : evolution of the nanoscale materials stewardship program, Bergeson, Lynn , Nanotechnology Law and Business, Winter, 2007, Volume 4, Issue 4, p.473-483, (2007) Abstract