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Let's Get Nanotech Right, Krupp, Fred, and Holliday Chad , Wall St reet Journal , June 14, 2005, p.B-2, (2005) Abstract
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Converging technologies - what future? The views of the science and policy communities, Giorgi, Liana , Innovation: The European Journal of Social Sciences, Volume 22, Issue 4, p.427-442, (2009) Abstract

Giorgi, Liana 1; Email Address:; Affiliation: 1: The Interdisciplinary Centre for Comparative Research in the Social Sciences (ICCR), Schottenfeldgasse 69/1, A-1070 Vienna, Austria.; Source Info: Dec2009, Vol. 22 Issue 4, p427; Subject Term: SOCIAL history; Subject Term: SOCIAL contract; Subject Term: SCIENCE & the humanities; Subject Term: BIOETHICS; Subject Term: SOCIAL psychology; Author-Supplied Keyword: converging technologies; Author-Supplied Keyword: ethics; Author-Supplied Keyword: nanotechnology; Author-Supplied Keyword: NBIC; Author-Supplied Keyword: science policy; Number of Pages: 16p; Document Type: Article

Decision Ethics and Emergent Technologies: The Case of Nanobiotechnology , Berube, David , European Journal of Law and Technology , 12/2011, Volume 2, Issue 3, (2011) Abstract
Developing U.S. Oversight Strategies for Nanobiotechnology: Learning from Past Oversight Experiences, Paradise, Jordan, Wolf Susan M., Kuzma Jennifer, Kuzhabekova Aliya, Tisdale Alison W., Kokkoli Efrosini, and Ramachandran Gurumurthy , Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, Winter2009, Volume 37, Issue 4, p.688-705, (2009) Abstract

Paradise, Jordan 1 Wolf, Susan M. 2 Kuzma, Jennifer 3 Kuzhabekova, Aliya 4 Tisdale, Alison W. 5 Kokkoli, Efrosini 6 Ramachandran, Gurumurthy 7; Affiliation: 1: Professor of Law at Seton Hall University School of Law. 2: McKnight Presidential Professor of Law, Medicine & Public Policy; Faegre & Benson Professor of Law, and Professor of Medicine at the University of Minnesota. 3: Associate Professor and area chair of Science, Technology and Environmental Policy at the Hubert Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota. 4: Ph.D. candidate in Education Policy at the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota. 5: M.S. candidate in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Minnesota. 6: Assistant Professor in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Minnesota. 7: Professor in the University of Minnesota's School of Public Health.; Source Info: Winter2009, Vol. 37 Issue 4, p688; Subject Term: BIOTECHNOLOGY; Subject Term: NANOTECHNOLOGY; Subject Term: LEGISLATIVE oversight -- United States; Subject Term: PRODUCT safety; Subject Term: QUALITATIVE research; Subject Term: QUANTITATIVE research; Subject Term: TECHNOLOGICAL innovations; Subject Term: EVALUATION; Number of Pages: 18p; Illustrations: 3 Diagrams, 4 Charts; Document Type: Article

Development of an Attitude Scale to Assess K-12 Teachers' Attitudes toward Nanotechnology, Lan, Yu-Ling , International Journal of Science Education, 05/2012, Volume 34, Issue 8, p.1189 - 1210, (2012) Abstract
Integrating nanotechnology into school education: a review of the literature, Ghattas, Nadira I., and Carver Jeffrey S. , Research in Science & Technological Education, 11/2012, Volume 30, Issue 3, p.271 - 284, (2012) Abstract