AI@Illinois Tech

Presentation at AI@IIT


CSEP has been excited to be a part of a number of new projects concerning the ethical development and design of AI as part of the new AI@IllinoisTech initiative. The first collaboration day was held January 25, 2019.

The event brought Illinois Tech faculty, research staff, and graduate students together to define AI. Illinois Tech faculty and researchers were able to network with those who conduct core or applied AI research, work in AI-related fields, and who consider the social and legal dimensions of AI.

About AI@IllinoisTech:
AI@IllinoisTech provides a platform for faculty, researchers, and educators to identify major research and engineering directions in Artificial Intelligence, form interdisciplinary partnerships, and foster innovation in AI. Envisioned outcomes include the formation of collaborative research groups, advancements in AI education and workforce training, partnerships with government and industry, and the application of AI-related methods across a range of academic disciplines.